Let's Talk About This Live-In Nurse Who Would Spy On A Man In Her Free Time

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A live-in nurse's job seems pretty straightforward: stay in the home and care for all of your patient's mental and physical needs.

It does not include leaving your patient every single night to go spy on a man through his window, which is what one woman did. Not sure what medical school she went to.

There's a lot to unpack here, so let's dive right in.

This wild story was shared as part of TikTok's "One Thing About Me" trend.

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While Nicki Minaj's "Super Freaky Girl" song plays, users share a unique fact or story about themselves. Some are so crazy, though, that more context is needed.

Like this story of a former Victoria's Secret worker who quit after finding poop in the dressing room.

Man shocked
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Yeah, that's a no from us, dawg... We'd quit, too! In her viral video, she explained that it was a normal, but busy day.

She helped one woman try on a ton of different sports bras.

Woman's video on TikTok
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After the woman had left, she went into the room to see the sports bras all over the floor. When she picked them up, she felt something else...

"It ended up being the biggest piece of poop I'd ever seen."

Poop emoji
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That she touched with her hands! "I'm in shock," she said. On the way to the bathroom to clean the heck out of her hands, she saw the girl who had taken the poop in line!

It's the lack of no shame, for us.


This next story is equally crappy. It was shared by Robin Rosenthal and her daughter Emma Rosenthal, from the video creator family The Rosenthals. They explained that they hired a live-in nurse named Bridgette to care for their grandma after Emma's father passed away.

Things were fine during the day.

Emma and Robin
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But at night, things would take a strange twist. "Every single night, Bridgette would go on walks. In the rain, in the snow, it didn't matter," the mom and daughter shared. Even weirder, she would wear Robin's dead husband's jacket.

"We thought it was really weird because we lived on a highway and who goes walking at night down a highway."

Woman walking
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Regardless, they never confronted her about it. After Robin's mother died and Bridgette was no longer needed, they didn't have contact with her.

Everything changed, though, when they received a call from Bridgette, asking if he knew the name of a good lawyer.

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"It turns out that every single night on these walks, Bridgette wasn't just going for exercise. She was going to look in some guy's window," Emma explained.

"She thought he was her boyfriend. He told her that he loved her," Robin said.

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Although they didn't know whether Bridgette had any romantic past with the man, they did know that she didn't like seeing him with another woman.

So much so, she lit the woman's car on fire!

Car on fire
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The crazy story prompted many reactions from viewers. "There was not one point in this video that I knew what was happening next," one wrote. "I’m sorry but there were like 17 plot twists in this story," added another.

Many wondered what Bridgette is doing now, including the streaming service Hulu, who commented.

Finally, viewers couldn't get over the fact that she wore the dead husband's jacket. "The jacket was the most shocking part," a fourth wrote.

We're going to need a Lifetime movie of this, stat!