Fans Praise Valerie Bertinelli Expertly Trolling Elon Musk Over Twitter Over Verification System

Rae Batchelor
Valerie Bertinelli
instagram | @wolfiesmom

Ever since it was announced that controversial celebrity businessman Elon Musk would be taking over Twitter after a massive multi-billion dollar deal, there have been lots of arguments both in favor and against his various suggestions for improving the platform. One that has received a lot of attention is his proposal that anyone will be able to get a blue "Verified" checkmark on their account for $8 a month.

Valerie Bertinelli recently attracted some praise from fans when she pointed out a way the system could be misused.

One TikTok user shared a video praising Valerie's methods.

"I don't know if you've seen what's going on on Twitter right now, but you need to see it," She begins her video. "We all know Twitter is a dumpster fire right now, with Twitter Blue, where verification is going to be $8, but we don't actually know if it's going to verify your identity. It's a big old cluster."

"Enter the hero we didn't know we needed: Valerie Bertinelli."

The TikTok user explained how Valerie pointed out the flaw in the system. "She changed her display name to Elon Musk and has been retweeting Democratic candidates so that it shows up in people's timelines as Elon Musk retweeting it. This is pure chaos energy," she said.

"And when people are stating the obvious, it's like they're proving her point for her," she said.

"I just feel like she's trolling the Internet's biggest troll," joked the user. You can watch the video for yourself and see the screenshots of exactly how Valerie was proving that the new verified system could be misused.

Of course, it was short-lived, and Valerie has returned her display name to her actual name.

Valerie tweeted that she was just having fun and had made her point, but wasn't a "trending" kind of gal.

"You will always trend with me. Perfect timing. Just like Eddie," one fan replied.

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