20 People Who Would Be Entirely Justified In Throwing A Hissy Fit

Ashley Hunte
A thermometer showing a temperature of 179.7 degrees Fahrenheit from a kitchen sink.
reddit | Crustacean2B

I get that we aren't supposed to let annoying things get to us, but sometimes that's a lot easier said than done. As the poor people on this list could probably tell you, there are some things that you just can't let go of that easily.

And you know what? I wouldn't blame them if they got really mad. Sometimes it just be like that.

"My mom confronted her coworker about how she parked on top of her car."

Two cars parked ridiculously close to one another, with literally no space between their bumpers.
reddit | hayhaydavila

"She’s claiming not only is there space between, but was 'being attacked' from being confronted and has been bullying her since. Her other coworker, who is friends with this one, claims there is space between too."

Man, I'm mad at that coworker too!

"Both saddle and mudguard gone, how am I gonna get home?"

A bike with its seat and other parts removed.
reddit | Timer_1719

The thief should've at least had the decency to try and steal the whole bike. I'm pretty sure that would be better than just leaving one that's basically useless.

"This brilliant urban planning."

A fence built right on top of an accessible parking space.
reddit | Brutal_Expectations

Another day, another reason to be mad over how urban planning treats disabled people like an afterthought. Because no one actually needs accessible parking spaces, right?

I swear, some of these planners need a stern talking to.

"Dropped my pocket knife at work and the grate is welded and bolted down…"

A pocket knife stuck underneath a grate on a walkway.
reddit | le_savage77

Is this the end of the world? No. Is it the kind of thing that can set you off after a not-so-good day? Absolutely.

"My coworker who just decided to hollow out the birthday cake in the break room one bite at a time, and left the fork to come back for more later."

A birthday cake that's been partially eaten, with a knife and fork on the empty part of the tray.
reddit | thecartoonrobot

Any person who does something like this should be barred from working in an office. Or having any job with a break room.

"United States Postal Service, 10/10."

A package partially stuck in a mailbox.
reddit | helixonyt

In a case like this, I'd probably rather the mail carrier just leave the package on the ground. Or, like... at the front door? Is that really asking too much of the delivery person?

"Paid $4.50 for this small fruit cup."

A tiny fruit cup that was supposedly worth $4.50.
reddit | SweetPK88

I'd say this is because of inflation, but cafeterias and cafes love price-gouging fruit cups like this. What makes it worse is the fact that you could definitely buy those fruits individually for less than the cup.

"Found this in my Wendy's burger..."

A plastic bread bag tab inside of a partially eaten burger.
reddit | DeadManaroid

Not the worst thing to find in your burger, but still pretty annoying. Still, how do you even get a bread bag tab inside of a burger? Like, what even are the odds?

"Amazon’s subtitles notifying me of a foreign language blocking the subtitles of said foreign language…"

Subtitles for a program that cover the actual subtitles.
reddit | Repulsive_Mixture_68

I absolutely hate it when streaming services do this. Like, is it really that hard to translate foreign language dialogue? Or let the program's subtitles actually do their job?

"Bread cut lengthwise."

A bag of bread where all the slices are lengthwise.
reddit | upmile12

I'm glad I'm not alone in hating this picture. But on the plus side, you could make some huge sandwiches with that bread. Why you would want to do that is beyond me, though.

"I ordered a chair, this is what got delivered."

A box showing that the contents are parts for an exercise bike.
reddit | bsnyder12

Because an exercise bike is so much like a chair, right?

The worst part about this is having to deal with customer service for the exchange, because you just know that'll take forever.

"QR codes are now required at my school to track how much you've used the restroom."

A QR code to track when students use the bathroom at school.
reddit | Khabir_Chungus

I absolutely hate how much surveillance is put on kids when they go to the bathroom. Like, they should be allowed to use it when they want without jumping through hoops.

"Dude has no one that parks to his left and yet parks like this every single day."

A car parked right on the line for no reason.
reddit | OutlandishnessDue413

All you have to do is get in early, back into your spot, and then park right on the line before this dude gets there. See how he likes it.

"How could people dare to leave their train seats like this?"

A messy train seat section that's been abandoned.
reddit | AriusKant

Because other riders/staff want to clean up your junk, right? The kinds of people who do this are absolutely horrible, and should be banned from public transit until they smarten up.

"Someone’s been letting their dog poop directly in front of my house. Set up ring camera, found the culprit. When she realized she was being recorded, she cleaned it up but stole my plant."

A woman on a camera from someone's porch, walking away with a plant.
reddit | Violet_Potential

I'd be tracking her down and asking for the plant back, but that's just me.

"Walmart delivered my cold medicine in the security box..."

A package of cold and flu medicine stuck inside a security box.
reddit | Vocal_Ham

Imagine being too sick to leave the house so you order medicine, only for it to come and you're unable to actually use it. I hope OP is able to get the tablets out of there.

"My uncle's suitcase after his flight."

A chewed up, destroyed suitcase.
reddit | an0nym0ose

If this ever happened to me while traveling, I'd be going up to a service desk and complaining. Like, this is the kind of thing you'd complain to an airline about, because it's just ridiculous.

"Neighbor took delivery of a package that our business purchased, used the contents, and now wants us to pay for the scraps."

A note from a neighbor who admitted to stealing a package, using its contents, and then asking if the original owner wanted to buy the remainder.
reddit | BigMacDaddy99

I wonder if this person knows they just admitted to committing a crime, and that OP can literally hand this over to the cops?

"My landlord refuses to get over here and turn down my water heater."

A thermometer showing water temperature of 179.7 degrees F in a kitchen sink.
reddit | Crustacean2B

Don't you just love it when your landlord would rather you suffer burns from the absurdly hot water coming out of your tap, than to do the work to fix it?

"My last job sent me my check exactly 6 months later so it'd be void and I couldn't cash it."

A check sent 6 months after its issue date of April 14th, 2022.
reddit | jaytr22

User tothepayne gave some really good advice in this case:

"The Department of Labor will take care of that for you. They sent payment well after they were legally required to and with a form of payment that was already void when they mailed it so that they've not even tried to pay you. Report that."