Men Share The Secrets They're Keeping From Their Partners That Could End The Relationship

Ashley Hunte
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Relationships are hard work. And hard work sometimes means compromise, though some people do a bit more than they want their partner to know.

That might also mean keeping secrets from your partner that could easily unravel your relationship if they got out. These men shared the secrets they keep from their partners, and it's seriously making me question some things.

"I don't like her mother, to me, she's a bad person, who tries to see the bad in the others, and who sees people who work as 'service' (retail, etc.) as below her."

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"I've yet to hear her say something nice about someone who isn't herself." - Via ehladik

"The reason we are together today is because I called to reconnect a couple years after we broke up….I thought I was calling someone else."

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On the plus side, it at least seems like it worked out in the end.

"If I were to be absolutely honest, it would be the depth of my depression."

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"My wife is great, but I don't think she can handle this. She doesn't know that I spent months late last year and into this one crying every single day."

"I would find a few minutes to myself in the shower, in the bathroom, or just a few moments at work and I'd just think about how hopeless things were and how unhappy I was."

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"I keep fighting the depression and most days are better than bad, but the bad days are soul crushing. I keep putting up a happy face because of our kids, but I'm afraid that this is going to crash me someday." - Via Nix-geek

"Sometimes I watch shows we're watching together without her because she is super extroverted and wants to talk to me during."

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"It usually starts as us discussing plot details and always ends up evolving into her trying to give an entire ted talk."

"I enjoy having short exchanges of thoughts about the plot but I prefer to watch and enjoy the story and then discuss it after."

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"We've talked about it and she understands how I feel but inevitably ends up doing it again. She would be upset if she found out but it allows both of us to enjoy the show the way we both want to." - Via waythrow13579

"Sometimes when she is not around I buy chocolate, eat it and don't save some for her."

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I'm not sure that would be a relationship ending (unless his partner really loves chocolate), but that would still be a pretty awkward conversation to have.

"If I prioritized myself in the relationship similar to how she does there would be no relationship."

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As many of the replies echoed, it sounds like this guy might need to reevaluate whether this relationship is worth continuing.

"I am a FAR better cook than her, but I just tell her that her cooking is better so she feels good about herself."

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That sounds a little subjective, but I guess a white lie has never hurt anyone...

"Some of the things my mental illnesses make me think that would make her worry needlessly."

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"I don't want my internal issues to become a burden on her." - Via lead999x

I wouldn't say opening up about your mental health to a partner is "burdening" them, but opening up to someone (a friend, parent, therapist, etc.) is better than keeping it all inside.

"Me and the kids have a more pleasant weekend when she goes away."

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"It’s like a blanket of calm envelopes us and we have a great time. She knows it but she doesn’t KNOW It. We miss her and all but when she comes home it’s like the kids start to argue with each other and the baby cries a little bit more. I get a little bit annoyed. I hide it though but you know. We had a lovely weekend and it’s over."

"Just to be clear, I am a dad that is home 4 o clock every single workday and I am involved with my kids."

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"I cook all our meals and are as big of a presence in our house as she is. I also sleep with the baby every night cause that is what works best for us. So the kids are most likely not very insecure with me." - Via serveyer

"So where we live, you can write your name and number on milk cartons and throw it with rest of the paper trash for recycling. You win money if your carton gets pulled."

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"My wife is really into it [and makes] sure to write her name and number on every one. And if I'm the one to throw one, I write her name and number for her, and she is thankful for it."

"Now, I don't recall what she did, but it had me really annoyed at her."

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"I had finished a carton of milk and cleaned it out and folded it for disposal. This is probably the most petty thing I've ever done in our relationship; as a way to get back at her, I wrote my name and my number instead of hers.

"I'm taking it to the grave." - Via Embroy88

Hopefully he'll never end up winning...

"She was the first person I ever slept with."

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"Potentially wouldn't end the relationship on its own but it would bring up a lot of other awkward questions about other things I lied about when we first got together." - Via KowalakiIAm

"Honestly, I'm such a jealous guy."

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"I am working on it with my therapist, but I'm jealous to the point where when she's at work my brain tells me that she's actually out doing something with someone. Luckily my therapist has taught me how to deal with those thoughts though." - Via lazerbwa

"That she is partly to blame why I have lost interest in my hobbies."

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"I used to have hobbies that I enjoyed doing. Then came why are you spending money on that stuff. While at the same time telling me to go do them. Can't have the both worlds." - Via Lostinthought5000

"She has certain food allergies."

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"Sometimes I'll run out to the store to get something to use while making dinner. I'll drive thru somewhere she can't eat and I'll eat whatever it is on my way home." - Via sc0n3z

It's probably better to keep that one to yourself.

"Nothing. I just want my gf to think I'm adding something to the thread."

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"I told her the question and now she's trying not to be bothered but I can tell she's curious." - Via Gayfish350

This comment got a ton of upvotes, which apparently made her even more curious: "We were running errands and I had no idea it was blowing up."

"I keep my phone on my vent and she noticed some reddit notifications popping up frequently and started getting curious."

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"She didn't take me seriously til she noticed those. Then I opened it and looked at her, 'it has over 1000 upvotes...' So I had to show her and she just said I'm dumb and that's kinda sweet too.

"I thought it was hilarious tbh."