18 Times Restaurants Left Diners Absolutely Baffled

Kasia Mikolajczak
interior of a restaurant
Unsplash | shawnanggg

Do you love to venture out and check out new restaurants? It's fun, no? I'm always interested in exploring new venues to enjoy good food, great company, and stimulating conversations.

But it seems that some establishments really go out of their way to make themselves stand out from the crowd that they forget basic common sense. Check out these examples below, and let me know whether you were just as baffled as the people who shared them, haha.

This Unorthodox Salad Plating

salad served on a shovel
reddit | Reddit | u/CvilleLocavore

"Caesar salad on a (fake) shovel at Greenhouse Cafe, New York State. About one minute before I hit the end and the fork flew across the room."

Yikes! What the heck is that? I can almost understand if this was a garden salad because you know it got picked straight from the garden, but a caesar salad? It makes no sense at all.

This Odd Presentation

Speaking of weird ways of serving salad, here's one that takes the cake for now. Get this — somebody thought it would be clever to serve a salad in a fish bowl. Um, why? Yeah, good luck eating that. I'm so baffled by this one.

This Interesting Idea

Oh, come on! Don't tell me this got served to somebody in Canada. I can't believe that. Whatever this establishment is, they're giving Canada a bad name. Am I right? Was this VHS tape even cleaned before they put that on? I sure hope so.

This Awkward Sushi Experience

How would you feel if a place gave you sushi like this? The look on this guy's face says it all. I honestly don't think this restaurant thought this through. Why would anyone like to see the fish in the bowl before they eat their cousin? It's a no-no to me.

This Total Mess

Oh, my goodness. I'm with this person here. I don't understand how this presentation looks good at all. Just give me an old-fashioned plate, and I'll be happy as a clam. What do you think? It's definitely not Insta-worthy, lol.

This Weird Dessert

chocolate dessert served on a manequin's half head
reddit | Reddit | u/Dracarys_Aspo

"The face is the plate. You're meant to eat it by licking the food off the face (hence why there are no utensils given)... A very weird dining experience..."

Okay, if this doesn't make you feel disturbed, I have no words for you. No, thank you. I'll take a lava cake over this any day.

This Abomination

"The next time a pub does something stupid like this I’m going to send it back and refuse to pay. I’m tired of struggling to eat food out of ridiculous containers. What on earth is wrong with a plate? We’ve been using them for hundreds of years."


This Bird's Nest

mushroom pasta served in a fake bird's nest
reddit | Reddit | u/periacetabular_ost

"Friend went to some fancy place in Barcelona."

"The only thing you eat is the thing on top of the pine needles. It’s not meat though. It’s a mushroom pasta."

Yikes! Thanks for clearing that up.

This Clog Of A Plate

fried squid served in a wooden clog
reddit | Reddit | u/NeekGerd

"Fried squids in a freaking shoe, Paris, France."

Okay, I would expect to see this in Amsterdam, because it's in a clog after all, but come on France. What's up with that? Why is it a clog? I don't get it at all.

This Unusual Dessert Plating

ice cream dessert served on a dust pan
reddit | Reddit | u/Jdinoza

"This is what's wrong with the world."

Do you know what I think of when I see this ridiculous ice cream dessert plating? That it belongs straight in the garbage. And maybe that's why they served it in a dustpan, huh?

This Corn Candelabra

corn served on a candle stick
reddit | Reddit | u/Cubensiss

"Not 'corn with garnish.' We are looking at elotes. Basically Mexican street corn on the cob. Super delicious. Corn candles are stupid though."

"I just got some bad Hanukkah ideas."


This Sexy Salad

salad served in a manequin torso
reddit | Reddit | u/Hickmandude

"From a friend's IG story. I have no words, only questions."

I think we all have questions after seeing that, haha. Check out how the salad dressing is dripping on the shoulder of this mannequin. That's so sexy. Am I right?

This Playful Idea

elote served on a grassy wagon
reddit | Reddit | u/PaulRuddIsSoHot

Speaking of elotes, here's another interesting way to serve a dish. Hmm, what's with the greenery, though? And where is the corn, is what I would like to know. Is it hiding underneath all that sauce? I hope so.

These Messy Pancakes

pancakes with syrup served on a cutting board
reddit | Reddit | u/a_complex_kid

"Pancakes in Michigan. The syrup dripped onto my pants and shoes while they were carrying it to the table."

OMG, what? I would be so pissed at that. Why would they serve them like that? It makes zero sense to me.

This Bizarre Presentation

Greek fried dough balls served in a shelf
reddit | Reddit | u/BonaparteCockletit

"Greek fried dough balls served on a shelf."

Hmm, that's pretty sanitary, huh? Even if you cover the drawer with parchment paper, it would still be a pain to clean it after each person finishes eating. So why add all that unnecessary work?

This Chorizo Display

chorizo on a stick served in a plant pot
reddit | Reddit | u/Zuperhans

"Chorizo on a stick in a plant pot filled with what can only be described as fish tank gravel. Portugal."

"They’re made like that so you don’t realize they gave you half of a $2 sausage. For probably $10+."

Aha! I get it now.

These Caged Croquettes

croquettes served in a huge cage
reddit | Reddit | u/kn3cht

At first, I thought these were just some brown eggs. But then I realized they were croquettes. How is this even convenient to eat, eh? Well, it isn't. Maybe they serve it like this so nobody would order them. What do you think?

This Terrifying Presentation

Prosciutto served on a clothes hanging line
reddit | Reddit | u/TownMountain

Horror scene or food? You be the judge of that, haha. I agree with what this person said, though, "We see so many posts on here with the clothing lines hanging meat. How the hell did this stupid trend become so widespread?"

I have no idea!

Oh, my gosh!

man eating and saying "Well, it sucks!"

What did I tell you? Are you as baffled by these unorthodox ways of serving food as I am? I just don't get it. I understand wanting to be different for a restaurant establishment, but you still need to make the food-consuming experience a pleasant one, no?

This is definitely not it for me. I'll stick to a plain plate on any given day. It might be boring to some, but that's just how I like it. Let the food speak for itself. Who's with me on this?