MIL Demands Refund For Wedding After Couple Gets Surgery To Avoid Having Kids

Kasia Mikolajczak
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People make lots of life decisions that not everyone might agree with, and that's a fact. For example, some couples choose not to get married. That's completely fine. And then some prefer not to have children.

That's their choice. But not in this family, as it seems. When a childless woman kept being pushed by her mother-in-law, she finally snapped and then went online to ask people if she was in the right. Let's check out this story.

A woman recently posted on Reddit.

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She shared her frustrating story with the rest of the class. You see, the couple got married about four years ago. And right after the wedding, the husband's mother started asking when will they have kids.

That was annoying enough.

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But the pesky MIL wouldn't drop it, and on every occasion, she would bring up the subject. At the 3-rd year mark, the husband told his mom that, "We might not even have kids," but MIL refused to hear it.

But guess what?

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At year four, the husband had a vasectomy, and the woman had her tubes tied. They, of course, didn't share that with the mother-in-law. Things finally came to blows one weekend when the family was having a BBQ.

The MIL made some annoying comments again.

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She advised her daughter-in-law that she should skip drinking alcohol because you never know. That didn't go over well. Then the MIL had the nerve to say this: "Oh come on! It's time for you two to finally get serious! Put down the beer and tell us when we can finally expect you two to finally make your family official!"

Um, what?

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To which the daughter-in-law replied, "We've been official for about 5 years now, MIL," as she took a sip of her beer.

"After about fifteen minutes of the usual comments, I finally snapped and said 'MIL, Husband got snipped. I had my tubes tied. We're not having kids. You need to stop bringing it up. Period.'"

That's when the MIL started crying and stormed off.

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The rest of the family, sans the husband, followed to console the upset MIL. Later, the MIL called the wife and continued to try to convince her to change her mind. When none of the MIL's pleading and cajoling had any effect, she finally said "'Well then, I guess you two aren't prepared to be REAL (Lastname)s. I'd like a refund for what we paid for the wedding.'"

So, now this woman is wondering if she did the right thing. Was she too hard on her mother-in-law, or is enough really enough?

Well, people on Reddit seem to agree with the woman.

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Many of them said that this was pretty manipulative of the mother-in-law. It's like she saying that she paid the money for her grandkids. Haha! Apparently, she only contributed about $400, so that's a pretty cheap deal, no?

In all seriousness, though.

Woman saying "Oh, Mom, no."

It's not really fair for the MIL to demand this as many folks on Reddit pointed out.

"NTA, I hate people that are pushy about big life choices. It's not her life, it's not her choice, whether you guys have kids or not. You aren't a [jerk] for refusing to have children, nor are you a [jerk] for making it very clear that you never intend to have children."

Yup, that's right.

I definitely agree with that.

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So, here's a question for you. Did you ever feel pressured to have children? Was there anybody in your family that kept pushing for it, whether you were ready or not?

I'm lucky that nobody in my family is like that, but I can definitely sympathize with this woman's story here. There's no way I would put up with that kind of treatment either. No, sir!