Parents Share The Funniest Reasons They've Had To Go Pick Their Kids Up From School

Ashley Hunte
A class of kids working on their schoolwork.
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The last thing any parent wants to do is pick up their kid from school after they got in trouble. But that might not be the only reason you end up making the drive to get them early.

In fact, as these parents of Reddit would tell you, some of the reasons they had to pick their kids up were... actually really funny.

"It’s not funny til the end, but my daughter was in pre-k at the time. They had a nap time but one day she wouldn’t wake up."

A girl napping face down on a bed.
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"The teachers were making jokes and trying to get her to wake up. After a while they panicked and ran her to the nurse. She was breathing just not waking up."

"They then called 911 who came and they did the salt stick and she wasn’t responding."

A child's feet as they sleep underneath a pink blanket.
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"Then she just woke up. They were so confused on what had happened that they brought her to the hospital to run some tests. They found nothing. She later told me she was in a deep sleep but woke up and just kept faking it. This girl took the salt stick 3 times and didn’t react. This child…"

- u/One_Mirror8458

"When my oldest son was in daycare, I got a call that he was on the roof."

The rooftop of a house that's surrounded with shrubs.
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"He climbed the playset and somehow got onto the roof of the building. The guy that ran the daycare was a new owner that my son simply did not like. The guy called me to tell me he was on the roof and would not come down. I had to leave work and go convince him to come down."

- u/MaggieMews

"Oldest kid was eating the teacher’s granola bars off her desk for a couple of weeks before she figured out who was taking them."

Two unpackaged granola bars stacked on top of one another.
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"He thought they were snacks for everybody lol. Youngest was put in the corner for whatever reason and the teacher caught her licking the wall. She’s still a [expletive] weirdo."

- u/tbama11

"Bloody nose, possible concussion and enough blood from the cut on his head that they had to close the bathroom."

Two stick figures acting as if they really need to pee.
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"Why you ask? He was running to the bathroom already and his crush came into view."

"So he kept on running while he stared behind him."

An arrow pointing to the men's and women's public bathrooms.
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"When he finally turned to see where he was going 'There was a wall there suddenly.'"

- u/nicolasknight

Don't worry, though, he did in fact make it to the toilet, as the user later replied.

"He walked into a wall."

A plain white wall in an outdoor setting.
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"When asked by the nurse why he did that, his answer was, 'no one told me not to.' The nurse couldn't control her laughter when she said this, and apologized profusely. It's OK though, I laughed too. He was fine by the way!"

- u/InPerfectCircles

"My son was in second grade and he got a demerit for farting. It wasn’t the actual fart that got [the demerit], it was his response."

A young boy showing off all his teeth while laughing.
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"The teacher asked 'what will you do next time to make sure this doesn’t happen again?' and my son answered 'Next time I fart in class, I won’t laugh as loud and get a demerit!'

"I still have that note his baby book, couldn’t bear to throw it away."

- u/Ok-Fishing-6604

"My Uncle used to get sent home from school because he smelled bad."

A bowl full of cloves and bulbs of garlic.
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"He would eat raw garlic on purpose to get sent home. The man is a legend. I named my first child after him."

- u/Embarrassed-Intern52

Not a parent story, but still incredible.

"My best friend had to pick her daughter up one day because she snuck her hamster to school in her hoodie pocket."

A grey and white hamster sitting in its cage.
Unsplash | Frenjamin Benklin

"She's 16 now and to this day really can't explain to us what her end game was."

- u/EmeraldGirl

"She’s feeling sick because of 'the elephant meat that Daddy brought from Africa and made me eat.'"

A majestic elephant in its natural habitat.
Unsplash | Wolfgang Hasselmann

"Imagine having a serious discussion with a principal about how unethical it is to eat elephant meat and illegally import it to Europe, while you’re just repeatedly saying: 'And you believed her?!'"

- u/OneAceFace

Talk about a real elephant in the room...

"My son told the teacher, 'I'm done for today. I won't do any work.'"

A kid sticking a white flag into snow-covered ground while lying face down.
Unsplash | Jackson Simmer

"Then, he laid his head down in his desk and refused to talk to her. When I picked him up, he laughed and said, 'I told her I was done.' I think he was 8 when that happened."

- u/TheQuietType84

"Once they called me an told me my daughter was vomiting."

A black and white image of a girl spinning in circles.
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"When I got to the school, she practically skipped out the door, looking 100%. I asked her if she knew why she threw up, and she told me some kid spun her around on the tire swing. I got her changed out of her dirty clothes and brought her back, but they wouldn’t admit her because policy is policy."

- u/LoVermont

"Kid took a jar of sugar to school and at recess was handing out handfuls of it to the other kids."

A spoon scooping sugar out of a white container.
Unsplash | Mathilde Langevin

"After a while a teacher noticed came over and asked what they were eating, my kids said 'I don't know we just found it.'"

"Teacher freaked out grab the jar of white powdery substance picked up my kid and ran to the nurse."

kids running on a field
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"Long story short I had to talk to the fire department and the police to get the mess all sorted out."

- u/EmeraldDouchebag69

"Wearing open toe sandals."

A pair of black and tan sandals.
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"And the teacher who I met in the office was wearing open toe sandals. After a whole lot of back and forth my daughter was allowed to return to class and she continued to wear those sandals the rest of the year."

- u/darrevan

"As a senior prank, my daughter and her friends stole all the forks from the cafeteria."

forks and knives lined up on a table
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"They didn't think it through, because running through the hallways, laughing and dropping forks will get you caught. Sigh. She's a teacher now. I told her, karma."

- u/paisleyhunter11

"Not pick up but this is timely."

A neon Hello Kitty sign.
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"I once got a note from a teacher saying my kid’s Halloween costume was inappropriate. Apparently at the costume parade no one appreciated the fake knife in Dead Hello Kitty’s head."

- u/Infamous-Arm3955

Know your audience, I guess.

"My daughter brought our cat to school."

A fluffy orange kitty looking at something up above.
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The user further explained, "She grabbed the cat and put it in her backpack. She ran out the door to her bus before I could have noticed."

- u/ReadyDirector9

"Rock stuck in my daughter's nose. They couldn't get it out."

Tons of small, multicoloured pebbles and stones.
Unsplash | Jake Nackos

- u/Accomplished_Newt596

Let's be real, though. Were you actually ever a kid if you didn't get a rock stuck in your nose at least once?