Pictures Proving That Some People Are Already Living In The Year 3000

Lex Gabrielle
Living in the future
Unsplash | Tomasz Frankowski

While we're still in the 2000s, there are many people out there who may as well be 1,000 years ahead of us because their brains work so well.

Some things are so advanced and just mindblowing, that it's hard to believe someone thought of them in the same decade as us. While we're busy living our lives and doing everything the same way we did it every other day, these people are miles ahead of you and me.

This bar has a strip to keep your drinks cold.

bar drinks cold
reddit | Reddit

When sitting at the bar having a casual drink, or waiting for someone to meet you, we don't want to rush through it. However, we also don't want a warm drink, either. This bar gets the assignment.

This mom's just too smart for her own good.

dog with charger wrapped around it
twitter | Twitter

The daughter yelled for her mom to get her a phone charger, and she screamed back to her daughter to "call their dog." He brought it right downstairs for her to charge her phone.

This library rents out tools and other utilities.

library appliance section
reddit | Reddit

This library rents out tools and other needed appliances that you can use and return when you're done. This is super helpful, since a lot of people might need a tool for just one little thing. So instead of having to spend a ton of money and never using it again, this is a simple solution.

This restaurant has the best service.

server buzzer
reddit | Reddit

This little buzzer alerts your server when you need them, but tells them exactly why you need them, too. If you want the check, you can just buzz for it rather than asking and then waiting again for them to come back. How cool is that?

A door handle with hand sanitizer.

Door handle with hand sanitizer
reddit | Reddit

After washing our hands, no one wants to touch a dirty door handle so that we can re-germ our hands again. This door handle, however, has sanitizer so you can clean it up right after.

You'll always know which stall is free.

occupied bathroom stall lights
reddit | Reddit

It's annoying to go into a public bathroom and look under doors to see what is open and what is not. This bathroom is ahead of the game with lights that are color coded for occupancy.

Need to cut your own hair? No problem.

Guy giving himself haircut
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Giving yourself a haircut is hard because you cannot see the back of your head. Well, this one gentleman found a way to fix that with the help of a TV and a camera. Boom—now he has it in HD.

Never splash your shoes again.

urinal feet protector
reddit | Reddit

When bars or restaurants have urinals that go down to the floor, the one thing men fear is that the splash zone will end up being their shoes. However, this one place has a splash guard to save your shoes every time.

Never drive home drunk again.

breathalizer at bar
reddit | Reddit

If you're at a bar and you're unsure if you are safe to drive, you can stop and breathalyze yourself on the way out of the bar. Always be safe and always check to see if you're okay.

Turn the shower on without wetting your whole body.

shower door slot
reddit | Reddit

It can be super annoying to have to turn the shower on and get your entire arm or body wet. This hotel has doors that allow you to put your hand through the door and turn it on without getting yourself wet.

This train that has a viewing aisle.

train window view
reddit | Reddit

One part of commuting and traveling that people truly love is having a window seat and view. This train allows you to sit and look directly at the view while you ride, instead of hurting your neck.

This dad found a way to cut the dog's nails easily.

Dog nail cutting
twitter | Twitter

Not all dogs love getting their nails cut and they can be super fidgety about it. If you grab a bag and cut some holes in it, like this dad, you can make a harness and use it.

This news anchor doesn't need a camera crew.

News anchor selfie stick
reddit | Reddit

Between people calling in sick, or a new journalist trying to get a career off the ground, sometimes, you just don't have a camera crew around for you to use. But as you can see, this woman took care of that herself, and is her own camera crew!

Say goodbye to hair-covered pants.

hair dresser cape phone slot
Bored Panda | Bored Panda

Instead of having your phone on your lap and getting all of your clothes covered in hair, this barbershop has caps that have a see-through area to look at your phone.

Scuba naps for days.

snorkle nap pool
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Scuba tubes are often used for going scuba diving. However, this dad knew that if he used his scuba gear in the pool, he can hack his way into floating and taking a nice nap in the pool.