A Woman Refused To Swap Plane Seats For A Family Is Defending Herself: 'I'm Not The Villain'

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When traveling with children, parents can get highly overwhelmed and things can get very stressful. The first part of any family trip usually includes a flight.

Flying with kids can be a big hassle and many people on the plane are already unhappy to see they're going to be stuck in the air with kids who may be a bit of a headache. But what do you think happens when parents can't control their children because they're separated?

When booking plane tickets, it's evident that families want to sit together.

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All parents want to sit near or next to their children on a flight. However, some planes have different seating arrangements, making it hard to sit together in one row.

Therefore, families will break their seats up.

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Instead of having all four sit in the same row, some families will purchase two seats in front, or over next to them on the next aisle. It, of course, depends on what plane they have and what seats are already bought.

But of course, there is always the possibility that a family won't end up together.

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If you do not notify the airline to group your tickets as a family to ensure your seats are placed together, there is a possibility that you can be separated from your family. It's not unheard of.

Sometimes, families will ask plane passengers to switch seats so that they can stay together.

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While some people do say yes and do not mind, there are those who do not wish to move their seat on a flight. After all, they might have paid for that particular seat for a reason.

One TikTok user and mom opened up about her own experience on a flight when she was asked to change her seat.

TikTok user and mother Maresa Friedman uploaded a TikTok video that went viral, saying she was "not the villain" for refusing to give up the seat on a flight that she paid for.

She followed up by saying that it was a family who had asked her to move.

Not only did they ask her to give up her seat, but her seat was also in first class. Maresa shared she had paid extra for her first-class ticket and she did not want to give that up.

Maresa shared that the family wanted her seat so they can sit next to each other, and also have an aisle seat opposite of her.

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Instead of giving up her seat, Maresa suggested that they ask the flight attendant if there was room in another section of the flight so that they can all sit together. Some areas of the plane had more seats than others so she thought it was a good idea.

But the family did not agree.

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The TikTok user shared that she got "the look" from the family, although the flight attendant thought it was a good suggestion. She also said as a mom, she feels as though this family should have planned ahead.

Maresa said she always plans ahead when she travels with her kids.

“Even in the early stages and I would buy my baby a seat next to me. But when you book with the airlines, you have to tell them to book your reservations together and that you’re traveling with a minor. That way, when they are looking to bump people they make sure to set you next to one another," she said.

Some people agreed with her.

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Many people on TikTok said that if they were asked to move, they also wouldn't want to because they picked their seat specifically for what they wanted on their flight—many said that no one "has to move."

However, some were curious if the "move" was in the same plane area/class.

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Many commenters said that if the family wanted her to switch seats, and her seat was still in first class, what is the big deal about moving so the family can be together?

Seems like everyone has their own opinion on this one.