Mother Urges Parents To Always Check Baby's Toes After Hair 'Cut Off Blood Supply'

Sarah Kester
Baby feet
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Part of being a parent is thinking about everything.

You always have to be one step ahead, such as making sure small toys won't end up in your child's mouth, child-proofing electrical sockets, and cutting food up into choke-resistant pieces.

But even with all the preparation in the world, mistakes can still happen, like this one mom who discovered that a stray hair on one of her baby's toes was cutting off his blood supply.

Kids sure like to keep their parents on their toes!

Mom with kids
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Thankfully, the internet is a hub for parenting advice. It's how the world learned about this brilliant car seat hack that will forever change how you load your baby into the car. Any parent knows how stressful that can be.

A viral video by @ghali_triplets showed the family's process of "easy loading" their babies into the car.

Man loading baby into car
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They bypassed opening the side door and trying to squeeze the car seat inside. Instead, the dad went to the trunk where the back seats were folded down.

From there, he placed the car seat onto the back seat and then lifted the back up again.

The whole process looked like magic, it was so smooth. Another woman shared a life-saving hack for never leaving your child in a hot car.

Doing so can be deadly, with temperatures quickly rising to dangerous levels.

Baby in car seat
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In the US, 42 children died from a hot car in 2019. Pets left behind in cars, even with a window cracked a bit, have also met a deadly fate.

Kristy Wilson, @pinkjeepgirltx, set out to change that with her viral video that shows her driving with one flip-flop on.

This wasn't an accident. She places the other flip-flop with her grandson in the backseat so that she has to retrieve it. While there, she grabs the baby.

This next life-saving parenting tip came from a concerned mother from Preston, Lancashire.

Baby feet
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"CHECK YOUR KIDS' TOES!" Chelsi McGuire sounded off on Facebook before getting into the details of her important PSA. "I've ALWAYS checked Jonah's babygrows and I ALWAYS check his toes!"

"I took his babygrow off this afternoon to change his bum and he had a hair wrapped around his toe," she continued.

Baby toe with hair around it
Facebook | Chelsi McGuire

The hair ended up cutting off his toe's blood supply and the hair was actually "in" her son's toe.

"He had no signs until I touched it," the concerned mum explained.

Baby's toe with hair around it
FACEBOOK | Chelsi McGuire

"He was happy and fine. I'm so glad it managed to come off." What happened to Chelsi's son is called Hair Tourniquet Syndrome. It's when hair wraps around a body part, such as fingers and toes, and cuts off circulation.

A similar situation happened to another little boy earlier this year.

Logan's toe swelling
Facebook | Sara Ward

The boy's mother, Sara Ward, wrote about it on Facebook as a warning to other parents. "We noticed a line going across Logan’s toe and some redness on Saturday night," she began.

Things worsened to the point where Logan had to be hospitalized.

Sara holding her baby
Facebook | Sara Ward

"He had a total of 12 Nurse Practitioners, Pediatricians and Surgeons look at it and they tried to find the hair with tweezers, scalpels, magnifying goggles and special lights," Ward wrote.

In the end, they were narrowly able to avoid surgery to remove it.

Baby feet
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Both mothers shared their post as a life-saving PSA to other parents.

"Check your babies toes and fingers for hairs," Ward wrote. "If you see one wrapped around them, try to remove it as soon as you can. If you can’t and the redness is worse, see your pediatrician right away."