People Are Sharing The Things They Swear They Saw, But Can't Prove

Kasia Mikolajczak
woman holding her glasses in front of her
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Let me ask you something do you believe in ghosts? How about people being clairvoyant? Has anything strange ever happened to you that you swear by, but nobody would believe you if you told them?

Apparently, that happens more often than we realize. So today, I'm sharing with you a few odd stories folks talked about on Reddit. I guarantee a few of these are bound to raise the hair on your arms, haha.

This Sweet Story

old black dog lying down
Unsplash | Michael

"When I was 10 we had a 14-year-old German Shepard who was getting very sick. I was home alone momentarily as my mom went to the neighborhood to pick up a book or something. Our German Shepard came over, convinced me to walk outside with him, and started licking my hands, looked at me, and ran away jumping the fence and he never came back. He was so loyal and good that to this day no one believes me and thinks he was stolen because he would never leave. I'm almost certain he did that because he didn't want us to see him die and he wanted to go to the massive forest area and do his thing. I miss you, buddy."

- u/04NeverForget

Wow, I've heard of that happening before so I totally believe him.

This Odd Accident

woman wearing glasses
Unsplash | Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov

"I've had glasses since the third grade. I was playing tackle football with friends after school (I wasn't wearing glasses), tackled one of my friends, really big collision, for a second I regained full eyesight...then I blinked and it was gone again."

- u/klitchell

I can see, I can see, haha! I had to say that.

This Targeted Event

man being crapped on by a seagul
Giphy | Sound FX

"I had just applied to a job at a gas station on a major interstate route in the US, and I was leaving the lobby of the rest area building. When I pushed the door open and walked out, I saw a seagull take flight from the top of a lamp post on the far side of the parking lot, which was shaped like a rectangle, with the building at one of the skinny ends. The only reason it caught my eye was because the parking lot was empty save 1 or 2 cars besides mine, and it was like my pushing the door open also pushed a button to trigger the bird to take off, the timing was perfect."

"So I'm walking down the sidewalk, and I'm watching this seagull fly in my general direction following the edge of the lot when it gets to the corner and turns so it's going to fly directly over me. I think to myself 'No way....' and sure as [expletive] I see this seagull drop one in midair just before it gets to me. It's flying a good 20ish feet in the air, so I simply sidestep and watch as this giant blob of bird [expletive] liquid splats down on the ground, perfectly where I was. So this seagull saw me walk out the door, and instantly decided it was going to try [expletive] on me."

- u/Kirby420_

Wow! Why do they do that?

This Snake Encounter

big green snake moving around
Giphy | Nat Geo Wild

"I was on a houseboat with my family in the Thousand Islands (St Lawrence River in Canada). We’d docked on one of the tiny islands for the night. A branch cracks loudly over the boat, and a snake that (to me at that age) looked to be the size of the snake in the film Anaconda fell from a tree and landed across the boat. It splashed down into the water and swam away.

Everyone I told believed it was a snake but nobody believed how huge it was."

- u/metblack85

Oh, no! She does exist!!!

This Rescue Mission

squirrel jumping on a tree
Unsplash | Georg Eiermann

"About ten years ago, I was looking out my grandmother's back door. Two squirrels were playing in the yard. A hawk swooped down and grabbed one. As it was batting its wings and gaining altitude, the other squirrel raced up a nearby tree, leaped off, rocketed down into God's Own Death From Above, and rescued his friend by curb-stomping the hawk out of the air. They both ran away and the hawk limped off in confusion."

- u/Whind_Soull

Squirrels are amazing and I'm so impressed by that.

This Lottery Prediction

lottery tickets
Unsplash | Waldemar Brandt

"I was watching the local lottery draw on tv and vocally called out every correct number before the ball was shown."

- u/beatsbeingbroke

I bet this person is still kicking themselves for not playing the lottery that day. They literally missed the jackpot.

This Eerie Occurrence

girl saying "very weird."
Giphy | Disney Channel

"When I was 18 I got woken up in the middle of the night with my mom's favorite song playing. Back when song ringtones were a thing, it was the sound I used to hear every day when people were calling her. It was a few months after she passed away. My laptop was dead... dead, dead, I remember falling asleep being annoyed that I was too lazy to walk downstairs to get the charger because I had homework. It was partially open on my vanity and then I woke up to the sound and the light at like 3 or 4 am. The song was playing. I closed the laptop and it would not turn off. I opened it, first I looked for the song app or internet site that was playing it and could not find it. So I just had to hold down the power button forever for it to turn off. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. No one believes me.

"Also weird thing with my mom's death and the house (she died in the house comfortably, cancer). You don't have to disclose natural deaths when selling. One of the new owners quickly asked my family friend (my old next-door neighbor) if someone died in the house previously because things would happen. My friend's response was 'yes, but she was a wonderful person and I don't think she would do anything negative' and the new owner was like, 'she hasn't done anything bad, but I can just tell, and it's just random weird helping things.'"

- Reddit

That's so weird, right?

This Babysitting Adventure

teenager peering out from the couch
Unsplash | Richard Stachmann

"Babysitting my nephews at my sister's place when I was a teenager. They were in bed asleep and I was the only other person in the house. Sitting in the living room watching TV with a clear line of sight to the kitchen sink when both taps turned on by themselves. nobody could have gotten to those taps without me seeing them. Still one of the freakiest things I have experienced."

- u/superDropBear

That would creep the heck out of me.

This Missing Wallet

man saying "Yeah, that's not creepy at all."
Giphy | Laff

"Not my story, but my brothers. He lost his wallet and was retracing his steps looking for it. A homeless man approached him at a coffee shop and said to him 'Don't worry. It's in the bathroom sink. Your wallet is in your bathroom sink.' Later that night he did indeed find his wallet at home in the bathroom sink.

"A few days later, he saw the same homeless man and thanked him for his help. The guy became really irritated and told my brother he had never seen him before. Could have been a lucky guess, but I think Magical Bum makes for a better story."

- u/mgncapri

Wow, that's pretty wild, huh?

This Strange Animal Encounter

cuttlefish in a tank
Giphy | Monterey Bay Aquarium

"I was at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. I walked up to the cuttlefish tank, and for some reason, all 20 or so of the cuttlefish rushed over to me. It was a big tank, maybe 10 feet long. I walked the length of it, and they followed me. I walked back, and they followed. A few other people saw and tried it themselves. But alas, the cuttlefish only had eyes for me. My best guess as to the cause was that the guy who feeds them is my doppelganger."

- u/Drumlin

Haha, this person might be right.

This Awesome Resurrection

chameleon against a dark blue background
Unsplash | Pierre Bamin

"A chameleon escaped from a bag when my friend was giving it to me and it leaped into a big pile of snow. I looked around for it for a while but couldn't find it so I gave up. Several weeks later the snow all melted and I was out there and found the lizard partially frozen to the ground. I peeled him off and put it in one of those little plastic tanks and sat it by the radiator in my house. Within an hour or two the lizard was hopping around the cage like nothing ever happened. It lived for several years after that, and was known to my friend and me as Jesus the resurrection lizard."

- u/enslavedbyvegetables

OMG, what? How amazing is that?

These Old Souls

Edward from Twilight walking around

"Growing up, my brothers and I used to have this running joke about how the neighbor’s kids never grow up. I’m now in my late 30s and when I went to visit my parents recently, I caught a glimpse of the neighbors outside. Their whole family still looks the same, including the kids who are still kids. I wish I had photos of them from the past to do a past and present comparison."

- u/Kalistoga

Okay, that settles it — they must be vampires! Case closed, hehe.

This Strange Sighting

night's sky
Unsplash | Federico Beccari

"Walking home at night from college in Ireland in the early 90s, I saw an elderly man looking up with a puzzled look on his face. I looked up and saw an orange light about the same brightness as Venus, lazily moving back and forth in the sky - but completely silent. Suddenly it shot off in one direction at what could only be described as ludicrous speed for a second or two before coming to an immediate stop, then just sitting there motionless. Few moments later it shot off in another direction and came to a stop. The two of us watched this for 3-4 minutes before it shot straight up and disappeared. Oul fella looked at me, shrugged, and said 'Well, you don't see that every day' and walked off."

- u/ubermick

You can say that again.

This Missing Object

man looking for something with a magnifying glass
Giphy | Sherlock Holmes Games

"My bathroom had a towel holder thing, which was a fastened bar parallel to the wall. It had started coming out of one of the holders and one day I accidentally pulled too hard on it. It came flying off and landed in a clatter, but I couldn't find it. Mind you, this was a small bathroom, maybe fifteen feet by six feet in area and the counter and cabinets are seamlessly fastened to the wall. I checked in the bath, behind the toilet, under the towers -- nowhere. To this day, I have no idea what the [expletive] happened to it."

- u/[deleted]

I know what happened — the smurfs took it.

This Protective Animal

black and white cat straddling a wooden pallet against a green background
Unsplash | Manja Vitolic

"Before my sister was born, my parents found a kitten. They decided to keep it because they could find no owner. Named her Princess. Anyway, my sister is 4 years older than I am. We both grew up with this cat. She'd sometimes follow us and watch over us. My parents used to make jokes about how she thought of us as her kittens.

"Now, my sister wasn't very nice to me. It took a lot of people a lot of time to realize she wasn't just nasty; it was full-on abuse and bullying. My sister is a narcissist, but that's not what you need to know. When I was too young to understand what was happening, I used to talk to Princess. She was like my version of a diary; I'd sit with this creature that was older than I was and tell her all my problems.

"One day at a store, my mum told us she'd buy us each a lolly. My sister wanted a different one from me, and grabbed my arm and clawed her nails down it so hard it drew blood. Hurt a lot and I was really upset. When we got home I went and cried to Princess about how scared I'd felt. After a while, I calmed down and went and played with my toys. Princess ambled out of the room. A few minutes later I heard a shriek and she ambled back in. Turns out she'd walked up and scratched my sister's hand, then hissed at her before coming back to sit with me and watch over me playing with my toys.

"My parents assume that my sister provoked her, but I know. She walked out of the room right after I'd been talking to her, and walked in right after the shriek. I can't prove it, but I think Princess saw how scared I was and showed me that she'd protect me. I've never told anybody about my white and grey guardian apart from my currant cat."

- u/[deleted]

I don't know about you, but I believe this story.

This Animal Argument

squirrel standing up and moving its tail

"My dog spent the first couple of years of its life on the street. I'm sure he's eaten his fair share of squirrels. And he constantly barks at them/stalks them when he sees them in the yard or on walks. One night I was working in my garage and my dog was in the backyard I heard this ruckus like he was fighting or chasing something, but then it turned into this 'chit chit chit chit chit' sound so I walked out of the garage to see what was up.

"My dog was hunched down really low like he gets when he gets disciplined at for being bad, he had his head hung low and his tail between his legs, and there was a squirrel standing in front of him yelling at him. I swear to god, it was wagging its finger at him and everything. 'Chit chit chit' reading him the riot act. When it saw me walking out of the garage, I swear it crossed its arms and scowled at me too like it knew I was responsible for the dog's behavior."

- u/karmavorous


This Missing Child

child looking out of a red car
Unsplash | Tim Mossholder

"When I was about 10 they started putting missing children on milk cartons. Every morning for a while I was looking at this boy's face on the side of the milk while I would eat my cereal. Then one day a car went down my street while I was playing outside, and there was a boy in the back seat with his face up close to the window looking out. I'm 99% sure it was the boy from the milk carton. I told my parents but they didn't believe me."

- u/fafa_flunky

I know a lot of kids make up stories but this could have been true, no?

This Urban Legend

black and white picture of a dog's face
Unsplash | Hayes Potter

"I heard, and saw, something similar in the u.p. of Michigan, in the Sioux Saint Marie campground! Everyone was asleep, my campsite was the only one with a fire lit, and my dad's girlfriend and I were awake. All of a sudden I hear this terrible scream with an almost cackle quality to it. Then there was a rustling on the other side of a fence. We had a clear line of sight between the campsite and the fence and this weird cougar/dog/human-looking thing climbed over the fence with its knees and arms bent at odd angles (almost 90°) then it was over the fence. It stood up on two legs and ran to the left into the campgrounds. It was terrifying. No one has ever believed me, but my dads now ex-girlfriend still remembers, and looking into the urban legends in Michigan I came across the story of the dog man. Any chance you guys were in Michigan, too, or that there's a similar urban legend around where you live?"

- u/ViolentGrace

OMG, I would have died!

Wow, those are some wild stories, huh?

Liza from Younger saying "That's creepy."
Giphy | YoungerTV

I bet these folks still wonder about what happened when they saw what they saw. Have you ever had anything like this occur in your life? I sure hope not.