20 Good Ideas That Are Ready For Their Time In The Sun

Ashley Hunte
1 and 5 star restaurant reviews on a wall.
reddit | captincook

It's not every day that a cool, amazing idea pops into your head. In fact, thinking up good ideas on your own is probably really uncommon. Luckily, there are, like, 8 billion people on this planet, so somebody out there will have thought up enough ideas for the rest of us.

Like the strangely cool ideas in this list, that definitely deserve their own time to shine.

"This is how you get your stuff at this Tim Hortons drive thru."

A person reaching for a tray of drinks in a Tim Horton's drive thru window.
reddit | fireballhotchoccy

What I like about this is that it looks like there's less of a distance between where the food/drinks are and where your car window will be. I can't be the only one who can barely reach the drive thru window, right?

"This bookstore has a special section for banned books."

A display featuring books that have been banned from schools, including Maus and The Bluest Eye.
reddit | eju2000

I don't know about you, but seeing a book get banned makes me want to read it even more (especially since books that get banned usually have really good messages). Anyway, this display is pure gold.

"Modern sod roof house in Norway, above the Arctic circle."

A house with grass growing on the roof's surface.
reddit | Tborealis

I just love the idea of nature on rooftops. Not just rooftop gardens in cities, but something like this one, where the roof is covered in grass. So pretty!

"This urinal had a screen showing 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.'"

A screen on a urinal. It's showing a scene from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
reddit | bartzabello

Sure, you probably aren't at a urinal long enough to watch a whole show, but I can see this really coming in handy if you're at the bar when your favorite sports team is playing.

"The power went out during class, so he made a lamp."

An illuminated Sprite bottle on top of a phone.
reddit | iaredumbest

I learned pretty recently that you can create a makeshift lamp out of a soda bottle and your phone flashlight, and it's honestly mind-blowing. Like, look how much light that's giving off!

"This business puts their empty till at the door when closed to tell thieves there's no money to steal."

An empty till on a chair at the door of a store that's closed.
reddit | stueh

Will it stop people from breaking in? Maybe not. But it'll at least deter, like, most thieves from trying to break in.

"Honey dispenser at a hotel in Japan."

A honey dispenser with actual honeycomb in the receptacle.
reddit | ImprobableValue

I love how utterly fresh that honey is. And not a bee in sight, which is probably for the best. Wouldn't want a bunch of bees buzzing around for the sake of some honey.

"This street sign in Siargao, Philippines."

A street sign showing various pets walking on their hind legs.
reddit | daddy_dad_bod

I'm a huge fan of signs that really capture your attention. Something like this is definitely going to make you remember that there might be pets around who want to cross the street.

"Bottom of this rosé bottle is a rose."

The bottom of a wine bottle, shaped to look like a rose.
reddit | midwestincest

The design of this bottle may not change the world, but it's honestly so cute and awesome! Like, of course a bottle of rosé would have a rose design on it. Of course!

"Red right turn arrow for crosswalk - we need more of these!"

A red right arrow sign on a stop light.
reddit | Dragonjr97

Yeah, we definitely need more things like this. I've also been seeing a lot of bike-specific traffic lights at crosswalks, and they just seem like they'll stop a lot of accidents from happening.

"This office building in New York has screens in the lobby that let you view the hives on the roof."

A screen displaying a colony of bees in their hive.
reddit | wood_nich

Maybe I'm just a fan of bees, but I find things like this absolutely fascinating.

Also, the fact that there are bees on the roof. Nice!

"Box made to convince people to recycle."

The bottom of a box that reads, "I want to be a pizza box. Recycle me."
reddit | UnusGang

Recycling is pretty important, but I feel like we all get lazy and just throw things in the garbage. At least this box is telling us it really, really wants to be recycled.

"My workplace installed sunscreen dispensers."

A SPF 30 sunscreen dispenser for public use.
reddit | HazelDaze592

No matter how old you are or where you're from, you should be wearing sunscreen when you go outside during the day. Maybe we need more dispensers out there, just to make sure everyone has the chance to protect their skin.

"My toilet freshener tells you which parts of the packaging are recyclable."

Three recycling signs for various parts of a packaging.

A lot of packages are made out of paper and plastic materials, so it's probably good to know which parts are actually recyclable (after separating them, of course).

"This sandwich shop displays their one star reviews."

Several 1 and 5 star reviews on a restaurant wall.
reddit | captincook

I like this because it shows just how confident the sandwich shop is. Sure, not everyone is going to like your restaurant, for whatever reason, but that doesn't mean the food is bad or anything. Plus, these reviews are kind of funny.

"My vegan chicken wing had a wooden bone in it."

Vegan "chicken" with a stick in it to imitate a bone.
reddit | Capital_Actuator_404

I'll take actual chicken wings over this any day, but I can still appreciate the fact that the restaurant did their best to make it look like chicken on the bone.

"My microwave has a mute button."

A microwave that has several features, including a mute button.
reddit | GoomanHLR

If you've ever tried to microwave a snack when everyone else in the house is fast asleep, you'll know why a mute button on a microwave is, like, the most important invention to exist.

"This jar makes sure you never have to go digging in the bottom."

A lifting device in a pickle jar that lifts the stuff from the bottom.
reddit | volces

I find it super weird how most pickle jars don't come with these things, actually. I'd definitely prefer something like this over having to dig with a fork.

"My toothbrush wishing me a happy birthday."

An electric toothbrush wishing its owner a happy birthday on October 23rd.
reddit | elle2310

You know we're living in the future when even our toothbrushes are smart devices. Seriously, though, it's pretty nice to have your electronics wish you a happy birthday (and actual people, too, hopefully).

"This company says how many billiard balls their toilet can flush in a single flush."

A toilet box that uses billiard balls to show how strong its flushing action is.
reddit | markp_1998

See, I'd trust any toilet that's proven to be able to flush seven billiard balls at once with no issue. That's how you know it's never going to clog.