Bartenders Share The Things Customers Do That Annoy The Heck Out Of Them

Kasia Mikolajczak
bartender pouring a yellow drink
Unsplash | Louis Hansel

Is there a profession you always have been interested in? Well, since I love making drinks, I often wondered what would it be like to be a bartender. Therefore, I was curious what the people who do this particular job really think about it.

Is it as challenging as I think? Let's find out. Here are a few things that annoy bartenders, so you can stop doing them now.

This Homemade Recipe

homemade drink recipe given to a bartender
reddit | elliethebartender

Okay, let me show you a doozie. This person handed out a 13-ingredient recipe for a drink that they actually laminated. I mean, what? Who do they think they are, haha? I wonder what the bartender who received it said to them. I bet it wasn't pleasant.

This No Tipping Excuse

Reddit comment
reddit | Raniel-Dadcliffe

Here's a poor excuse for somebody who didn't want to tip their bartender. Oh, yes. They blamed the machine when the bartender knows better. Why not just carry a little bit of cash? That way, if the machine does screw up, you don't have to use a lame excuse like that.

This Indecent Proposal

woman walking away looking shocked
Giphy | The Roku Channel

"Regular just offered me an affair! I'm happily married and really don't fancy him so politely turned him down but....... gobsmacked!" - u/helenfelen

Oh my gosh, haha! I bet this must happen to bartenders a lot, huh? Take it as a compliment, that's all.

This Bad Review

Reddit post about bad Google review
reddit | jublia

Newsflash, if you go to a bar to get a quick bite and a drink, you may get carded. And if you're old enough, shouldn't you have your ID on you? So why are you writing a bad review if it was actually your fault? And these two are bartenders too, so they know better.

This Request

Funny bartender joke
reddit | thebartendershop

Oh, I see where this is going. I, too, sometimes tried to pass this one by a bartender. Sometimes it works, but most of the time, it doesn't. But I admit I can't blame this person for trying. Have you tried to pull a fast one at a bartender like that?

This Lipstick Issue

glass with lipstick stain on it
Pexels | Pexels

"I hate lipstick. Really just what the title says. I hate lipstick and chapstick. Having to check every wine glass to make sure there isn’t still residue on it is annoying!" - u/FoldUpMonkey117

Oh, crap! I never thought about that. Now that I think about it, I can see how it makes the workers cleaning up that much more annoyed. My bad.

This Entitled Customer

Samuel L. Jackson in a funny bartender meme
reddit | r0ckar0lla

Yeah, don't be that guy. You know what I'm talking about, huh? That guy who walks into a bar, and acts like he's the most important person in the room. I can see how that could get pretty annoying really fast.

This Infuriating Behavior

Robert Downey Jr. in a funny bartender meme
reddit | xarrowmanx

"I really wish people would say their whole order instead of one at a time."

or this

Oh god.

"Anything else?"


"Great, that's x amount"

"Can I have 2 double Jack and cokes?"

What do you THINK I meant?!

This Tipping Flip-Flop

Bryan Cranston lifting up his hands saying an expletitive

"Had a guest get mad I selected to receive a $200 tip after he told me to 'put whatever I want' and after I asked 'are you sure?' said 'it’s an AMEX Black, of course, I’m sure.'" - u/MC_Kirk

Um, don't say that if you don't mean it.

This Poor Start To The Day

man slouching on this chair going "uggghhhh."

"I started work twenty minutes ago and have been already asked to make a virgin Irish coffee so as of now I'm already done with people for today." - u/Nehault

Haha! I know I'm laughing but I bet this person is ready to cry.

This Bad Tipper

low tip on a $211 order
reddit | everythingisfine00

"I was even asked to make up special shots and deliver table service just for this group."

"At that point, I would rather them not tip anything. Like $3 is such a [expletive] insult. Is that just me??"

No, it's not just you. I would say the same thing.

This Only Option

funny meme about bartending
reddit | marcsalty

"After years of trying everything, I learned to just charge through them. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss them."

Haha! This ex-bartender reminisced about the days they had to do this. I wonder how the customers feel about that.

This Rude Behavior

woman saying "So rude!"
Giphy | Idiotsitter

"I’m tired of people saying 'jack and coke' without a 'hey how ya doing?' Or even 'could I have a Jack and coke?' At the very least. Preferably it would be 'could I have a Jack and coke please?' But I work for tips so when people shout that [expletive] out to me I kinda gotta just get it for them." - u/superangela13

Come on, people. Be polite when you ask a bartender for a drink.

This Annoying Request

funny meme about bartending
reddit | jswaggs15

"I like to go full malicious compliance. 10 pictures, then critique, then rearrange, 10 more pictures. No, Karen, it isn't good enough. Let's take 10 more, this time in front of the Christmas Tree. You wanted a picture, [expletive] everybody else, let's get you a picture. After 2 minutes they're whithering."


This Usual Stint

Oh, I can see the annoyance on the bartender's face when somebody does that. I'm actually the worst. Usually, when I get to a bar, I have no idea what I want, and I can tell you right now, bartenders hate that. Sorry!

This Impossible Drink Order

funny drink order
reddit | LiamPlaysGame

Hmm, as far as I remember, a classic martini has nothing but booze in it. Am I right? So how is this bartender supposed to make a virgin version? That one has me stumped, haha. And I bet that's exactly what this bartender thought when they got this order.

This Irritating Request

funny meme about bartending
reddit | fosforuss

Confession time I also do this sometimes. But let me explain before you rip my head off. Sometimes, but not always, I find the drinks watered down. That's why I ask for a strong drink because if I don't, I feel ripped off.

This Total Mess

messy table at a bar
reddit | docobv77

"I know of a bar that tells people to just throw opened pull tabs on the floor. Must be easier just to sweep them all up at the end of the night."

That's a good strategy, no? It makes more sense to me, that's for sure.

Okay, I take it back.

bartender doing throwing a bottle up in the air
Giphy | NBC

I don't think I would make it as a bartender, haha. It seems to be a doozy of a job. People can get so annoying. Am I right? So, from now on, I vow to be a little nicer to bartenders. Who knows what kind of people they've had to deal with all day long. Do you get what I'm saying, huh?