Fans Are Amazed At New Video Of Johnny Depp Flawlessly Slipping Into The Jack Sparrow Voice

Rae Batchelor
Jack Sparrow.
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Sometimes an actor's performance is so iconic as a particular character it can be hard to remember that the character isn't actually a real person who exists in the world. When we see that actor slide back into the character on their own time it can be amazing and trippy all at once.

One of those characters that people often forget doesn't have a life of his own is Captain Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow won our hearts in the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' franchise.

Jack Sparrow in POTC.

While actor Johnny Depp has had a storied career that includes no small number of absolutely iconic roles, the one that sticks out for many fans above all the rest is the rum-loving, smooth-talking, delightful scamp and one of our favorite pirates of all time, Jack Sparrow.

In a video shared by a fan to Instagram, Johnny proved he can slip back into Jack's voice with no problem.

"Captain Jack Sparrow is in the house! Love ya my sweet Johnny!" the fan captioned the video of Johnny explaining how he gets into Jack's voice, of course mentioning the pirate captain's favorite drink.

Fans loved the video.

Jack Sparrow in POTC.
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"He took so much time for you christine… what a wonderful human our johnny is. bless him & bless you… day made watch all these clips of two together," one fan wrote, while another added, "My heart is definitely smiling!! Such special moments for you to treasure and you were kind enough to share them with everyone."

"Thank you for sharing this beautiful memories with us all! I’m so overwhelmed with joy for you! To see the happiness you brought to his face is just priceless."

What did you think of Johnny's brief reprisal of Captain Jack? Let us know in the comments how you felt seeing the beloved character brought to life once more!