Cardi B And Madonna Briefly Butt Heads Over 'WAP' Insult, Quickly Make Up

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Cardi B posing in a crochet outfit.
instagram | @iamcardib

In perhaps the fastest fight instigation and resolution I've ever seen, the internet got quickly riled up about a brief heated moment between Madonna and Cardi B when the former referred to the latter using a clown emoji.

Cardi B's feelings were hurt by Madonna's weird dig at her song WAP, but the two appear to have talked it out behind the scenes.

We might have some new celebrity beef on our hands, folks.

A recent Instagram story from Madonna had none other than Cardi B retaliating on Twitter, with onlookers taking sides on who's more in the right to shade the other.

It all began with an Instagram story from Madonna.

The post from Madonna's story.
instagramStories | @madonna

It featured a black background and a lot of text. In it, she talks about the book she published 30 years ago now, S.E.X., and how that book paved the way for modern artists to embrace their sexuality publically.

"I was called [...] a witch a heretic and the devil."

"Now Cardi B can sing about her WAP. Kim Kardashian can grace the cover of any magazine with her naked ass and Miley Cyrus can come in like a wrecking ball."

She ends with, "You're welcome [expletive]......." followed by a clown emoji.

Cardi B wasn't too pleased being put down by someone she admired.

Cardi B's tweet.
TMZ | @iamcardib

In a since-deleted tweet, seen above, she explains how she paid homage to Madonna many times only to be undermined by her.

"These icons really become disappointments once [you] make it in the industry [...]."

Her tweet makes it clear that Madonna didn't have to name-drop anyone else to make her point.

Bringing up Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus felt like a weird dig to the rapper and many of her fans.

However, it seems the two have made up already.

As mentioned, Cardi B did delete her original tweet and has since posted a new one where she says she had a "beautiful" talk with Madonna.

That was quick!

But hey, resolving these sorts of things as fast as possible is probably for the best. It's good that the two had the chance to talk to one another and, presumably, clear everything up.

It wouldn't surprise me if Madonna truly didn't mean anything harmful by what she posted and it was just a miscommunication.

Fans seem to agree.

The replies to Cardi's post are just as grateful that any beef between the artists was quickly stamped out.

"There is always comfort in togetherness & resolved feelings," read another reply, "And that is productive."

Some are taking it even further now and hoping the two could come together for a colab.

If we're being honest, that would be the funniest result for a brief online argument, and it would certainly make a lot of people who love them both very, very happy. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

h/t: TMZ