62-Year-Old Woman Who Only Dates Men In Their 20s Is Excited To Die Alone

Sarah Kester
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Meet Cindy Gallop.

She's not your average 62-year-old who's retired with grandkids and a longtime partner. Instead, she's never had any desire to get married or have kids.

And when it comes to her dating life? Well, there's one group of men she prefers: those in their 20s with lots of stamina. They're going to need it to keep up with her!

Cindy believes in meaningful sex.

It's why she founded the platform, Make Love, Not Porn in 2009. According to the website, it's "the world’s first user-generated,human-curated social sex platform."

She calls it "the Facebook of #RealWorldSex." People get to enjoy the videos and leave comments that start honest conversations about sex.

Unlike porn, which is highly produced and unrealistic, she wants to show the world what real, messy sex looks like.

And who better to lead the charge for this than someone who knows exactly what she wants? In an interview with Insider, she revealed her thoughts on exactly this.

"I have zero desire to get married," she said.

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"I have zero desire to have children. I am just one of those people who is happiest on their own." She explained the reason why she chooses to date men in their 20s.

"I don't date men my own age because I actively do not want a relationship," she said.

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"And then, I want sex. And when it comes to sex, I'm a big fan of lots of stamina and very short recovery periods. I'm not going to get that with men my own age."

Although this is out of the norm, she's unapologetic about her beliefs.

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"I'm public about all of this because we need more role models of how to live your life very differently from the way we're expected to, and still be amazingly happy," she said.

Cindy went on to explain that she gave up looking for "The One" a long time ago.

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"From the moment we're born as women, everything around us tells us that our entire life is a search for 'the one.' But at some point in my 30s, I just went, '[Expletive] it. I'm not looking for 'the one' anymore." 

The second landmark was dating younger men, which she said happened "by accident."

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When she ran an ad advertising agency 20 years ago, they were asked to pitch for an online dating brand called uDate. In order to immerse herself in the project, she created a profile.  

She was pleasantly surprised to receive many responses from younger men.

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"And I suddenly realized that I was every young guy's fantasy," she explained. "I was a woman with a high-flying career who did not want to get married, to have kids, to settle down."

"Instead, I just wanted to have some fun. I've been dating younger men very happily ever since."

When she talks to these younger guys, they share what they appreciate in an older woman. This is confidence, explaining that women their age are usually "insecure."

Cindy thinks that people looking for committed relationships can benefit from her strategies.

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"There is no better starting point for finding your soulmate than making 'must be a very nice person' number one on your list of criteria," she said.

In addition to this, she encourages people to have open communication about sex.

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"The single biggest turn-on in the entire world is to be in bed with somebody and know they're having a bloody amazing time because of you," she said.

"Not enough people get to have that experience. When you communicate, that is what you are enabling for each other."

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