G'Day Mates! The Australian Firefighters Calendar Is Here And Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary

Rae Batchelor
A shirtless firefighter with a kitten.
Australian Firefighters Calendar | Australian Firefighters Calendar

Does anyone else smell smoke?

As we say goodbye to the long, hot days of summer and prepare to bundle ourselves in for the winter, it can feel like we're in desperate need of a little heat to keep ourselves going as the days get shorter and colder. Well, as always, the fine upstanding young men of Australia have our backs, and they're sure to make you say, well, crikey!

It's so important to honor our traditions every year.

A calendar.
Unsplash | Eric Rothermel

Whether it's holiday traditions like family gatherings or personal traditions like always watching the first snowfall of the year, it's important to take the time out of our lives to respect our routines and celebrate what we get to live and re-live every year.

And if those traditions happen to involve hot firefighters? Even better.

A shirtless firefighter holding a dog.
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Yes, you heard me right. Hot firefighters. Hot Australian firefighters, sometimes holding cute little animals.

If it sounds like Christmas might've come early this year, that's because it has — just like it does every year, if you're tuned into the Australian Firefighters Calendar like we are.

This year marks the 30th year of the calendar.

A shirtless firefighter holding a puppy.
Australian Firefighters Calendar | Australian Firefighters Calandar

As they say themselves, "Since its launch 30 years ago, the Australian Firefighters Calendar has donated millions of dollars to Australian charities and has become the world’s most popular calendar. Funds from calendar sales over the last three decades have supported medical research into sourcing better methods to treat severe burns in children."

"The calendar also has a proud history of supporting animal refuges and Australian Wildlife in the past and that will continue into the future."

A shirtless firefighter holding a puppy.
Australian Firefighters Calendar | Australian Firefighter's Calendar

That's right — these are hunks you can ogle for a good cause.

Now, if you're like me, you don't want to JUST stare at hotties from down under all day, you also want to learn about them. Well, have no fear, I can help you out there too.

For example, meet Denis.

A firefighter showing off painted flippers.
Australian Firefighters Calendar | Australian Firefighters Calendar

Denis is a proud indigenous Torres Strait islander, military veteran, and world-ranked Muay Thai fighter. He's also helping transform discarded plastic into those gorgeous diving flippers seen above, painted by authentic indigenous artists!

How about Brenden?

A shirtless firefighter.
Australian Firefighters Calendar | Australian Firefighters Calendar

For Brenden, firefighting runs in his blood! “Serving in the Rural Fire Brigade with my community members inspired me to serve my country further.  When I was old enough, I enlisted with the Royal Australian Air Force. Before I left for my first deployment overseas, I was also able to convince my Mum to get involved in the Wamuran Rural Fire Brigade organization too. Mum is still a serving member of the Rural Fire Brigade, far exceeding the number of years I was there. Mum’s involvement in serving our community fills me with immense pride," he says.

Do you like cats? So does Ben.

A shirtless firefighter holding a kitten.
Australian Firefighters Calendar | Australian Firefighters Calendar

Ben has had a distinguished career in the Australian Army, and has been deployed for 3 active tours of Iraq and 1 of Afghanistan. Talk about a real life hero! It also doesn't hurt that he looks perfectly at home shirtless and holding the world's tiniest kitten.

Need to cool off with a swim? Don't worry, Ricky's got you.

A shirtless firefighter.
Australian Firefighters Calendar | Australian Firefighters Calendar

Ricky was a surf lifesaver for 23 years before he joined the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services! “The most rewarding part of being a surf lifesaver was rescuing people from a potentially life-threatening event and that’s why I wanted to continue serving the community by joining the fire service. For the past 6 years I have been able to continue helping people when they are at their most vulnerable," Ricky said.

If you're hungry for even more, don't worry, you can get a copy of the calendar all for yourself!

You can check out the website and order your own copy of the calendar for next year right here, and make sure you give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook too (and hey, who doesn't love more pictures of hot firefighters)!