People Are Sharing The Hygiene Tips That Are Most Underused

Kasia Mikolajczak
hands pumping out lotion
Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

I don't know about you, but I've always considered myself a person with good hygiene. It must be my upbringing. My mom always taught me to clean up after myself, and I've taken it to heart in my daily routines.

But are there any secrets that I don't even know about? Hmm, people online are sharing the hygiene tips that seem to be the most underused, and I'm definitely intrigued. Let's check it out.

This Oral Hygiene Must

woman holding a toothbrush to her mouth
Unsplash | Diana Polekhina

"Brush your tongue! It will significantly reduce bad breath."

Absolutely agree. You must have heard your dentist or dental hygienist tell you at least once, no? So listen to them. It will make a world of difference. Trust me. I do this every day to keep bad breath at bay.

This Tip For Glasses Wearers

hand holding glasses
Unsplash | Bud Helisson

"For those with glasses, wipe them down at the end of every day; at least every part that touches your face. Your facial skin will start to clear up all over."

I wear glasses, so I'm pretty aware of how dirty they can get at the end of the day, and that's why I think this is a must.

This TMI

Man saying "ok, TMI but thank you."
Giphy | Adult Swim

"Wash the inside of your butt crack."

"The number of times this is stated on this thread leads me to believe that a surprising number of people do not do this."

OMG! No! I can't even think of people who omit that crucial step. Yuck!

This Perfume Issue

black bottle of perfume
Unsplash | Jeroen den Otter

"Not every scent is compatible with everybody. The bottle may say eau de cologne but on you, it turns into eau de durian."

Haha! And they say that durian is an acquired taste. Am I right? But seriously, I see where this person is coming from lol.

This Piercing Check

woman's ear with piercings
Unsplash | Kimia Zarifi

"Clean your piercings. Stank builds up in those holes!"

Oh, thanks for the reminder. I recently got my ears re-pierced because they closed off on me, so now I need to take them out and clean them thoroughly. I suggest you do it too.

This Dental Hygiene Must

woman at a TV show flossing her teeth
Giphy | America's Got Talent

"Floss. It makes your breath smell better, saves you pain and money at the dentist, and reduces your risk of losing your teeth when you’re older. My in-laws have dentures and it sucks. Implants are better but very expensive. I made excuses not to floss for years. One day I realized that that’s all they were: excuses. Now I floss every day without fail. I also scrape my tongue with a stainless steel tongue scraper."

Honestly, I couldn't go a whole day without flossing. There's so much food that gets trapped in those crevices.

This Important Step

woman's torso in a cropped top exposing her belly button
Unsplash | Courtney Cook

"Wash your belly button in the shower."

Let me ask you, are you an innie or an outie? Well, it doesn't matter, really. You still need to wash your belly button from time to time. Skin and oils can get stuck in there, and they will smell. So clean it up already.

This Crucial Tip

couple lying in bed
Unsplash | We-Vibe Toys

"Wash your hands before sex."

Aha! I don't know if this is self-explanatory, but if you don't do it, you should definitely start this routine now. Imagine all the stuff that you have recently touched. Enough said. Am I right?

This Daily Routine

man waving underwear
Giphy | Rock This Boat: New Kids On The Block

"Put on clean underwear and socks every day. Sometimes more than once a day. Seriously, always start the day fresh, and don’t let it stay damp down there if you’re exercising or working up a sweat."

This sounds like a good idea to me.

This Deodorant Fact

woman putting on a deodorant
Unsplash | Ana Essentiels

"Deodorant should be used after you shower, not when you're already sweaty."

True dat. If you try to put deodorant on a dirty pit, it will not work. It will only mask the stink for a short time. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This After Sex Care

people's legs peaking out of bed sheets
Unsplash | Womanizer Toys

"Always pee after sex."

"Especially for women. Women don't realize we have super short urethras and all those fluids get pushed into it and make their way into the bladder where they aren't supposed to be. Pee right afterward and flush it all out and help prevent yourself from getting UTIs or even kidney infections."

It's so important to do that.

This Nail Biter

woman biting her nail
Giphy | The Office

"Keep your nails clean and avoid biting them."

"As a nail biter for 30 years…true dat! I quit by having fake nails put on to break the habit. Now I get manicures regularly to avoid the biting again. The cuticles still get me and I fuss a lot with my nails."

That's a good tip, huh?

This Hair Routine

woman washing her hair in the shower
Pexels | Pexels

"Actually scrub your scalp in the shower, it's skin and it needs to get clean. It stinks if you don't."

"Scrub but don't scrub too hard or you'll lose hair you wouldn't otherwise lose, not to mention strip those nice oils completely away. Your scalp will be clean without you scraping your nails over your scalp, just use your fingertips. Be kind to your hair follicles."

I always do that. It's like a gentle scalp massage in the shower.

This Moisturizing Tip

hands putting on cream
Unsplash | Clarissa Watson

"Moisturizing your hands also prevents germs from getting into flakey skin (since there won’t be any flakey skin). Protect your skin barrier! It will help!"

I can't even tell you how much moisturizer I go through, lol. But my hands are always silky smooth too.

This Important Step

hand with cellphone near the face
Unsplash | Taylor Grote

"Clean your phone at the end of the day, I cannot stress this enough. We underestimate how dirty our phones are, and they're in our hands all day."

Okay, confession time. I forget to do this every day. Once I remember, I do it, but this is a great reminder, so thank you.

This Healthy Tip

red toothbrush against a blue background
Unsplash | Alex Padurariu

"If you get sick, change your toothbrush. Bacteria and germs can live in the bristles."

Oh, that makes sense, no? Yet, I haven't paid attention to that. I'll need to remember for the next time I feel under the weather, though.

These Basics

man giving two tumbs up
Unsplash | Usman Yousaf

"I'm a guy and I wipe the tip after peeing. Idk but I pee at least 3 or 4 times a day when I'm out and about so that's a lot of extra drips I'm saving my underwear from and my soldier won't smell like a urinal."

Do you hear that, guys?

This Elementary Step

man washing hands
Unsplash | Ilona Frey

"Wash your hands after using the bathroom. People know but not everyone does it."

"I worked at a small gas station for about a year before the new building got finished. The bathrooms were close to the register, single stall, and I could always hear when someone flushed and exited without washing their hands. It was seriously eye-opening. Especially when the pandemic hit."

OMG, yuck! Yes, please do that. No wonder some people don't want to shake hands.

Okay, these are pretty basic.

man saying "Why would I wash my legs? Legs don't even get dirty."
Giphy | HULU

Am I right? But it sounds like not everybody follows typical personal hygiene, which is a shame. I hope if there's one good thing that comes out of the pandemic is that people elevate their basic hygiene skills.

What do you think? That's a good start, no? Do it for yourself and for the rest of us, okay?