Woman 'Hurt' After Spending 900 Hours, $120 Crocheting Blanket For Friend's Son Who Rejected It

Ashley Hunte
A pile of yarn balls in various neutral hues.
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Unless you craft, you probably won't understand the amount of effort that goes into a handmade item. Sweaters, blankets, even hats and scarves take dozens of hours to make, even if you're fast.

And the yarn can be pretty pricey, too! As one crocheter learned, no matter how much time, money, and effort you put into a handmade gift, some people still won't appreciate them.

Danielle Candela tweeted about how she spent 900 hours on a blanket, only for the recipient to reject it.

"At 68 I still work full-time," she said in her tweet, which was posted on October 9th. "I crochet in my spare time. I crocheted a blanket for a friend's son who turned 21."

"I had over 900 hours in, and $120.00 of yarn."

Despite weighing less than a pound, yarn can be incredibly expensive.
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"I also gave him $121.00. My friend gave me back the blanket. She said her son only likes 'designer' gifts, I am hurt."

The tweet gained a lot of traction, with a hundred thousand likes, and thousands of retweets and quote tweets.

Danielle later uploaded a picture of the blanket in question.

Designer or not, it's absolutely beautiful. You can tell that a lot of care and effort went into it, especially at the price point.

And it's huge, too! 50x70 inches is a bit longer than a standard throw blanket.

What Danielle ended up doing with the blanket was very wholesome.

A man saying, "The moral of the story is, be nice to people."

"I decided to donate it to a disabled veteran who doesn't get any visitors," she wrote. I'm sure the veteran was much more grateful for the blanket than that kid ever would be.

Meanwhile, many people in the replies shared their outrage on the friend's son's ungratefulness.

"Your friend raised a rude ungrateful punk and that’s a reflection of her," a user commented, pointing out how it seems like the son kept the money despite rejecting the blanket.

Many felt that this was as much of a reflection on the son as on his mother.

Like this user, many thought that Danielle shouldn't have to be friends with anyone who'd let their son return a gift that isn't "designer."

Others shared their own, similar stories.

For one user who knits, her blankets weren't appreciated by her kids. "I was so hurt. I packed them and the kids will find them in my closet when I die."

Unfortunately, people out there don't appreciate handmade items.

For this user, who is a weaver, one blanket she made was loved, and the other wasn't even used. "My brother never used it preferring something store bought," the user wrote.

Some in the replies shared how their handmade items have been cherished over the years.

User Kelly Jean shared how the blanket she made for her mother, is now in the possession of her son. And it's just as loved now as it was years ago.

And don't worry, there are still plenty of people who appreciate your handmade gifts.

One user was on the receiving end of a beautifully hand-crafted gift, and appreciates it every single day.

Sure, some people don't understand how much effort goes into crafting. But that doesn't mean you should ever feel like you have to stop!