People Are Sharing The Utterly Relatable Times They've Totally Embarrassed Themselves In Public

Ashley Hunte
A woman hiding her face with her hands in shame.
Unsplash | Julia Taubitz

Embarrassing yourself in front of a bunch of people can be really hard to live down, even if you don't know any of those people personally. That feeling of awkward cringe always seems like it'll never go away.

And for the people in this Twitter thread, there sure do seem to be a lot of ways to embarrass yourself in public. On the plus side, you mostly won't see these people again!

"Today, whilst out shopping, I tried on a beautiful jacket. It was the jacket of a customer trying on another jacket and now I can never go shopping again."

A tweet reading "Today, whilst out shopping, I tried on a beautiful jacket. It was the jacket of a customer trying on another jacket and now I can never go shopping again."
twitter | @Lins_1983

I'm not gonna lie, this would be pretty difficult to live down. But at least she figured it out before trying to pay for it. However, it also seems to have been embarrassing enough for her to delete her account.

Apparently, this kind of thing isn't uncommon.

"As I was about to try them on myself, I realized: they were somebody's shoes they wore into the store from home."

I feel kind of bad for laughing at this tweet.

Sometimes, you aren't the one saying the embarrassing thing.

I have to say, the poor employee who mistook this user's dress for one from the store that just didn't work for her, is probably still trying to live that moment down.

I'm sure no one noticed, though.

Sure, it might have been an embarrassing realization for this guy's wife, but I'm also pretty sure that most people probably wouldn't have even noticed. They'd probably just think it was some kind of new accessory.

Warning: always make sure your husband is your own.

I think the funniest thing about this was the fact that both the other woman and her husband were totally unbothered by the whole thing. I don't know if it makes it better or worse for this user.

Seriously, how many people confuse their husband for someone else?

I guess that kind of thing is probably pretty common when you're out with your spouse, who happens to like walking off without you even realizing. No wonder some people say their husbands need to wear bells.

I actually don't know how you can recover from something like this.

Imagine trying to move past someone without realizing that it's literally you in a mirror. Sure, people probably didn't notice or care, but I totally get why it'd be hard to leave the house after something like that.

Yellow pool noodles and bus rails have more in common than you think.

I honestly wonder how long it took that poor woman to realize the rail was actually a pool noodle. That's almost enough to make you never take public transit again.

So that's what it's like to be on the other side of something like this.

"She wasn’t concentrating and thought I was a manikin." I bet that poor woman steers clear from store mannequins after that.

Never get between someone and their cashmere.

I'm sure any department store has cashmere scarves, but the fact that the employee thought the scarf belonged to the store is just hilarious. Good thing this user was able to get her scarf back.

This is why you should watch out when you're on the phone in public.

I've done this before, when working retail and having to deal with someone trying to cash out while on the phone. Maybe leave your phone conversations for when other people won't mistake you for talking to them?

Looks like somebody has two left feet.

Let's be honest, though. Most people won't notice if you're wearing two different shoes, especially when they're made of similar materials and are the same color. And it's definitely better than showing up barefoot.

Being mistaken for a mannequin, but so much worse.

Okay, this one is a thousand times worse than the woman who just touched a person's coat after thinking she was a mannequin. How do you make this kind of mistake?

How do you even make that kind of mistake?

My only question is: did he ever try to light it? Or did he just have a random tampon in his mouth? Either way, that thought is sending me rolling on the floor.

There's plenty of room for mistakes in a theater.

I don't know who should be more embarrassed here, the poor woman or the dude who said nothing for that whole half a minute. Because I wouldn't want to be either of them in that situation.

Technically, he wasn't violating the dress code.

Most stores say "not shirt, no shoes, no service." And this dude was still wearing a shirt and shoes. Embarrassing, sure, but he probably wouldn't have been kicked out of the store. Just stared at. A lot.

That poor, poor driver.

I can only imagine what it must've been like to have a random person climb into your car, scream at you, and then get out and run away. I'd be locking the doors after something like that.

It might be a good idea to know what your employees look like.

This poor manager must've realized that she had no idea what the new hires looked like after that. At least check for a nametag or something next time.

It might be time for a new jacket.

"They didn't even think it was good enough to sell!" That absolutely sent me. I feel like I'd either go and get a new jacket immediately after that, or never show up to work again.

Static cling: the absolute worst.

See, I would've just passed it off as a scarf. And if anyone asked why it looked like panty hose, just pretend it's some new trend. Just fake it until you make it (home).