Women Share The Dumbest Things They've Done For No Reason At All

Lex Gabrielle
girl covering her face
Unsplash | Ivan Aleksic

Many of us do stupid things at some point in our lives. Whether we mean to or not, there are tons of times that we do things we regret.

No one prompts us to do it, we just make our own choices, and man—some of them can be pretty bad. That's why we have to share our stories with other women so that people know what to avoid.

Watch out for those red flags.

red flags
Unsplash | bruno neurath-wilson

MammothConstant5389 said that she fell in love with a bucket of red flags with legs, knowing that those red flags were flying in the wind. Sometimes, we make mistakes in love that hurt more than they feel good.

Experimented with pee and pads.

period pads
Unsplash | Natracare

cottonhusk shared that they peed inside their sanitary napkin just because they wanted to see what it would feel like and how much the pad would actually absorb. Turns out, it wasn't all that much.

Sometimes, we break car windows.

Unsplash | Lukas Bato

"Me and some friends back in high school decided to put skateboard wheels on a mattress and go down a really steep hill in my neighborhood, we ended up crashing into a car and shattering a window," said MidnightFireHuntress.

Cracked eggs into the garbage.

cracked eggs
Unsplash | Melani Sosa

urbanlulu shared she was making eggs and took out the trash can to throw the shells out. But, instead, she accidentally cracked her eggs into the trash and put the shells into the bowl.

Pushed a fire alarm just to see.

fire alarm
Unsplash | Dave Phillips

ConcreteKeys said that they stared at the "don't push" button on the fire alarm for a while before they decided to push it just to see what would happen. Turns out, nothing happened.

Flung a milkshake on her boyfriend's face.

vanilla milkshake
Unsplash | Louis Hansel

"I was 19 and took the straw out of my milkshake and flung it at my then-boyfriend. I don't really know what I was thinking, to this day, other than to maybe be a little goofy. No one laughed. My boyfriend was 25, and his friends were also a little older and this just solidified the idea that I was immature," said FiendishCurry.

Poured out all the coffee.

coffee in a mug
Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

nataliethinks said that in the morning she was making herself coffee and after pouring it into her cup, she dumped it right out into the sink. Her brain just told her to "pour that on out."

Drunkenly made out with a stranger on the train.

train platform
Unsplash | Tomas Anton Escobar

jarnisjaplin shared she had just started anti-anxiety meds and wanted to really test their limits so she got drunk and made out with a complete stranger on the train. It worked pretty well.

Went away with a guy she barely knew and didn't tell a soul.

airplane in the sky
Unsplash | John McArthur

"Went on a vacation abroad on a different continent, with a man I barely knew, that none of my family or friends knew, with zero idea of where we were going to stay, no means of communication (broken phone) and, as it turned out, no money. Oh, and I didn’t tell anyone I was going," said abv1401.

Just went on out into the rain.

walking in the rain
Unsplash | Nick Scheerbart

wailanilynn shared that she thought that walking out in the rain with an umbrella was embarrassing, so instead of using an umbrella, they just walked out into the pouring rain.

Made the worst sandwich in all of the world.

Unsplash | Diana Polekhina

"Was out of food in the fridge and decided to try and experiment with different condiments on bread for a new poverty meal. I ended up with something like a caper/jam/mustard/mayo/relish sandwich. Took a bite, immediately threw it up, and couldn't eat pickles or capers or jam for like a year without heaving a little," said .ShrimpHeavenAngel

Took a laxative to test their abilities.

toilet paper roll
Unsplash | Jasmin Sessler

dirtclaud_ia shared that they took a laxative just to see if they would work well and it turns out, they work pretty well. Also, they work at times when you don't want them to work.

Stole someone's wallet for love.

black wallet
Unsplash | Emil Kalibradov

pbd1996 said that they stole a person's wallet in the Gucci store at the airport because they were young and dumb and wanted to give the wallet as a gift to their then-boyfriend. Very dumb ideas.

Sprayed her husband with Fabreeze.

cleaning spray

"My husband and I were wrestling and he kept tickling me and I jokingly grabbed a bottle of febreeze and aimed it at him to keep him at bay. I never had any intentions of spraying it of course, but he advanced towards me to tickle me more and my instincts just took over and i sprayed the tiniest bit of febreeze right in his face," said AReece15.

Drowned the counter in coffee.

coffee beans
Unsplash | Patryk Gauza

DateCard said that they put a coffee pod in their coffee machine, pressed start, and walked away. They forgot to put a mug under the machine, so basically, they covered their whole kitchen counter in coffee.