Pancake Spaghetti Is The Weird TikTok Food Trend You'll Actually Want To Try

Taylor Sakellis
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Look, I'm the first one to slam a TikTok food trend if it's ridiculous — I'm looking at you, pasta chips. However, there are some food trends that are actually worth the hype, and I believe I've finally found one to share with you all.

If you like breakfast food and pasta then buckle up, baby — you're in for a big treat!

I am not someone who shies away from carbs. In fact, I lean into carbs. I don't believe in lettuce buns, the keto diet, or sharing a plate of fries.

carbs are love
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I don't think anyone should have to decide between rice or potatoes — JUST GO WITH BOTH!

So naturally, when I heard a man was going viral for making PANCAKE PASTA, I knew I had to take a closer look.

fork with pasta on it
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As it turns out, this was one food trend that I actually wanted to try.

If you're Italian, please look away now.

TikTok user @brianaaarchuleta shared her husband's fun spin on a classic breakfast dish.

"My husband invented something delicious this morning!" the on-screen text read. "Pancake spaghetti," she added alongside a brain explosion emoji.

"Or as he likes to call it squiggle cakes," the caption read.

The concept is brilliant and also super easy to replicate at home.

pancake spaghetti
TikTok | @brianaarchuleta

Instead of shaping your pancakes in a circle, try lining them across a non-stick pan. Serve in a bowl with icing sugar and syrup and prepare to fall in LOVE.

The video has racked up more than 1 million likes and an almost cult-like following.

dwight schrute eating pancakes
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"Saw this at 8am now my bf is going to make it for breakfast thank you," wrote one viewer.

"Here me out... this is basically at home funnel cakes," pointed out another viewer.