Women Are Sharing At What Point They Started Hating People

Jordan Claes
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Becoming jaded is part of growing up. Call me a pessimist all you like, but sooner or later, the lofty idealistic nature of youth is forced to confront the hard truths of realism and the inevitability of adulthood.

The first sign that this is taking place is when you begin to utterly despise the perfectly normal albeit infuriatingly annoying behavior of others. To get a better idea of what I'm talking about, have a look below and see as these women of Reddit share at what point they started hating people.

"Doing customer service." - Reddit u/Time-Boss-3867

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As someone who worked for nearly three years manning the grill station at the local McDonald's restaurant, I can wholly relate to this. You never forget the first time someone tells you to [expletive] off, simply for wishing them a good day.

Teaching kids is one thing, teaching parents is a whole other ball game.

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Reddit user cloverthewonderkitty didn't begin hating people until they became a teacher, ironically enough. According to their post, it's not the kids who are the problem — it's their terrible parents.

Attention all men — be better.

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"My last job as a gas station attendant traumatized me into becoming fearful of people because on a daily basis I'd get threats of physical harm or have an older guy hit on me thinking I'm a high school girl." - Reddit u/NoctunaMoon

I can't even begin to imagine anything more grueling.

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What finally made Reddit user Elsa_the_Archer lose her patience for people's bullshit was working in healthcare during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic — particularly, working at the retail pharmacy.

If you are suffering from trauma related to sexual abuse

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The day that Redditor happyday2243 lost faith in humanity altogether occurred on the day that she was sexually assaulted by a total stranger. She thought it could never happen again, until it did.

The day we elected a reality TV star to become POTUS.

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Reddit user KeyNo4772 said, somewhat cheekily, that what caused them to truly start despising the opinions of others was after the 2016 election results were turned in. Everything has been running downhill ever since.

If you see abuse, report it.

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"Getting abused in public by an ex and having people stare while walking away. Not one call to the cops either. I never have trusted strangers to help me in any capacity since." - Reddit u/Stupid_Army_Wife

Parents are the worst, sometimes.

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Reddit user No-Negotiation5329 had her entire worldview poisoned by her own mother at 10 years old. When she asked her mother to go on her first sleepover, her mother refused — stating that her friend's parents would try to poison, kidnap, or sexually assault her.

Losing someone you love.

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Reddit user emkat9 recently lost their best friend in the world. In the wake of their death and in the midst of their grief, absolutely no one came to console her. It was proof of how everyone is out for themselves.

Social media will be the death of us all.

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Redditor cancelingxmasonurass has grown tired of the world shown through the lens of social media. The constant oneupmanship and total lack of authenticity are enough to make her want to spit. She's been off all social media platforms for some time now and has never felt better.

"Working in fast food and having my life threatened over a cardboard drink holder." - Reddit u/Seohnstaob

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What on earth could've made someone so irate that they'd threaten a fast food worker with violence? They couldn't possibly have messed up your order that badly.

How could you ever feel safe again?

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When Reddit user whenwillitbenow was away at nursing school, she was the victim of an attempted kidnapping. It occurred on campus, and the school tried repeatedly to sweep the whole thing under the rug.

Anyone who would intentionally hurt an animal should be scrubbed from existence.

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"I saw someone run over an animal crossing an empty road in broad daylight when they had plenty of time to stop or slow down at the very least." - Reddit u/Tori_Kitty0901

Creepy old dudes.

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Reddit user Ok_coldbrew006 started noticing their disposition souring once their parents' male friends began making comments about their teenage body — in particular, how much weight she was gaining. The whole experience has filled them with disdain.

When you learn the truth about the people you care about most.

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"Always have two eyes on your friends, and one eye on your enemies because you always know the intentions of your enemies. But your friends? They surprise and disappoint you the most." - Reddit u/sherivero

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