Mechanic Gives Customer's Car Away To Stranger Without Verifying Identity

Car keys hanging in a car's ignition
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If you have a car, you probably have a mechanic you know and trust. Alternatively, you may own a car and just hope for the best anytime you need to bring it into the shop.

Whatever your experiences may be, you've probably never had the experience of your mechanic literally giving your car away to someone else. But according to one TikToker, that's exactly what went down.

Do you trust your mechanic?

A mechanic working on a car
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There are all kinds of honest, competent mechanics out there. But there's an old cliché about mechanics being dishonest. Whether it's true or not doesn't really matter — what does matter is that a majority of Americans say they don't trust their mechanic.

This incident went down at a Sam's Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Exterior shot of Sam's Club store
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Big box retailers like Costco and Sam's Club often have auto centers, making them a great one-stop shopping experience for people who want to shop for stuff while their car gets worked on.

TikToker @heather.feather25 says her car was given away.

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In her first video on the platform, Heather told quite a story: after taking her car in to be serviced by a Sam's Club mechanic, said mechanic gave it away to a random person.

She was understandably shocked.

Still of TikToker who says mechanic gave her car away
TikTok | @heather.feather25

"So I am here at Sam's Club at 71st and Bingo in Tulsa, Okla. and I went to go pick up my car at the tire and batteries, and as you can see this place is dead closed," Heather explained. "They can't find my car or my keys and nobody has answers."

Is it an honest mistake?

Comments on video by TikToker who says mechanic gave her car away
TikTok | @heather.feather25

We don't have a ton of detail to go on other than Heather's story, but it certainly seems like it might be an honest mistake. This barely matters to Heather, of course, because her car was literally given away.

She needs to escalate this.

Comments on video by TikToker who says mechanic gave her car away
TikTok | @heather.feather25

Losing something as important as a car is no small thing, especially when it wasn't stolen or totaled — it was cheerfully handed off to someone else, who presumably can't believe their good fortune after getting a free car.

She's still looking for answers.

Heather has released multiple follow-up videos on her account, where she says someone at the counter handed the keys to her car over to another customer without asking for ID, but as of right now, it seems like she's still in a state of car-less limbo. It's a story that's almost too crazy to be true.

Do you trust your mechanic after hearing this?

Mechanic working on a car
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Lots of mechanics just leave the keys for the cars they're working on in the ignition. If the mechanic doesn't know you or your face, it's entirely possible that they could make a similar mistake.

How would you handle this?

At this point, I don't see any other options than lawyering up. Sam's Club has deep pockets, after all.

Let us know what you think of this story — and how you'd react if something similar happened to you — in the comments section.