Fans Praise Kate Middleton After 'Awkward' Interaction With Heckler In Northern Ireland

Taylor Sakellis
kate middleton shaking woman's hand in ireland
twitter | @PA

Being a royal means a lot of interacting with the public, and while that might sound great to some, anyone who has worked in customer service knows just how horrible it can be. Thankfully for us, at least, these awkward interactions aren't recorded and shared on social media. Sadly for the Princess of Wales, this was not the case.

While visiting Nothern Ireland on Thursday, the newly appointed Princess of Wales was greeting the crowd outside Carrickfergus Castle when she was confronted by a heckler.

In a video shared on Twitter, Kate shakes hands with a woman who's recording her on her phone.

"Nice to meet you, but it would be better if it was when you were in your own country," the woman tells the Princess.

Kate handles the interaction with a chuckle while continuing to shake her hand in an awkwardly long interaction.

The woman doesn't stop there, adding: "Ireland belongs to the Irish!"

It's clear this moment was so deeply uncomfortable for the Princess, but she totally handled it with grace and continued on to greet other well-wishers.

As soon as the clip went viral, fans immediately started praising the 40-year-old for her behavior.

"Kate was so dignified in dealing with that. She’s amazing," wrote one fan.

"3 seconds of fame and our princess Kate was like OK bye felicia haaaaa," joked another.

"Kudos to Kate for taking this vulgar comment so well," echoed a different fan.