People Share Things That Are Red Flags To Brag About

Kasia Mikolajczak
man in sunglasses holding lots of bills
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Let me ask you something, have you ever hung out with somebody who kept talking about themselves? You know, those people who can't seem to stop showing off what they have and don't shut up about it. They also never ask you what you're up to, either.

Basically, it's the kind of friendship that's totally one-sided. Well, here's a news flash! Don't be that guy or gal. Here are a few things you should never brag about, as shared by people on Reddit.

This Tough Dude

hand behind bars in prison
Unsplash | Milad Fakurian

"In high school, I was hanging with a slightly rough crowd and one of the older guys chuckled and told me 'you’d never make it in prison' as if it was some kind of diss. He’s dead now, killed in some gangster nonsense. Turns out that being able to make it outside of prison is much more to be strived for."

Yeah, stuff like this never turns out that well, right?

This Truth

man wearing a striped suit and expensive watch smoking a cigar
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"Money, any actual rich person will usually rather try to be more low-key to avoid people using them."

I totally agree with that. Some people say that those who brag about their riches are "new money." The "old money" people do everything to keep their riches instead of flaunting it all for the world to see.

This One-Upmanship

Lindsey Lohan saying "the struggle is real."
Giphy | MTV’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club

"I don’t know if this makes sense but, when someone tries to one-up your struggles it’s not only annoying but a huge red flag. If I said I didn’t get a lot of sleep they would be like 'oh that’s crazy, I got 5 seconds of sleep while I was being dangled over a fireproof alligator pit filled with lava from a fishing line.' It just shows that they will literally never be there for you and make every conversation about themselves."

True dat!

This Crappy Thing To Do

man scraming "Manipulating, deceiving, EXPLOITING!"
Giphy | CBS

"How easily they can manipulate people, or how good they are at lying."

Aha! That's definitely a red flag. If they admitted this to you, they're probably trying to see if you're like that. Then if you're not, they'll try to take advantage of you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This 'Alpha' Trip

howling wolf
Unsplash | Darren Welsh

"Guys claiming they are 'Alpha.'"

"This, and 'lone wolf.' "There are no lone wolves, you dumbass. Wolves that are [alone] are dead."

Haha, I guess those guys don't realize that wolves run in packs. Am I right?

This Relationship Red Flag

woman saying "It's a total red flag."
Giphy | Lifetime

"When people brag about how overprotective their partner is. Never ends well."

This sounds like it was spoken by somebody who knows all too well. I think using the word "overprotective" is putting it mildly. Most of the time people like that are simply controlling, and that's not something to brag about, eh?

These Self Professed Geniuses

sign that says "Simply a misunderstood genius."
Unsplash | Belinda Fewings

"When people brag about their intelligence. 'I'd join MENSA, just haven't taken the test yet' — my former roommate, who couldn't get a job because he always 'intimidated the interviewer' since he was such a 'genius.'"

They're pretty transparent. Aren't they?

These Trophies

two people's feet in bed
Unsplash | Womanizer Toys

"When people brag about their body count why would I care how many people you have had sex with?"

Yes, I second that. It's not a topic I would ever bring up and yet some people seem to go there. I have no idea why? I guess it makes them feel like hot studs.

This Work Ethic

man walking with a briefcase
Unsplash | Marten Bjork

"How many hours they work. They speak of it as if people who work 'only' 40 hours a week are lazy or inferior."

Do you know what I say when I hear that? I tell them that I feel sorry for them. I rather enjoy my life. But then they try to turn around and say that they love their job. Good for you, haha.

This Odd Saying

Dan Levy from Schitt's Creek saying "I don't know what that means."
Giphy | CBC

"When people brag about being 'cut from a different cloth' or 'built different.'"

What does that even mean? Is it supposed to be a good or bad thing? I seriously don't even know. What do you think? I'd love for somebody to enlighten me.

This Odd Proclamation

man with his mouth open
Unsplash | Timothy Dykes

“All my ex’s are crazy."

Oh, my goodness. Why in the heck would somebody even brag about this? If that were the case for me, I wouldn't even say anything. It actually makes me think they might be crazy themselves.

These Trust Fund Baby Syndrome

young girl waving money
Giphy | Originals

"Trust fund babies who say that their success is due to their 'hard work' or 'hustling.'"

Okay, I must say — these are the worst! Folks like that usually never worked hard in their life, but somehow they make it sound like they know what we're all going through. Am I right?

This Drinking Red Flag

woman holding a drink
Unsplash | Aleisha Kalina

"I'm surprised nobody mentioned it yet: how much alcohol they can handle. Alcoholics love bragging about how they can outdrink people. If you meet someone that brags about never having hangovers and outdrinking everyone, run."

This Weird Comment

man making an annoying face
Unsplash | Dorrell Tibbs

"Was seeing a girl for a while that was a massive narcissist, I didn’t clock it for ages. But one thing that struck me and changed my whole opinion of her was when she scowled at me and said 'what happened to me is way worse than what happened to you' and to me, that’s just a [expletive] you. You can't measure and compare grief and pain and I was done with her from that moment onward."

Good for him!

This Annoying Bluntness

woman next to a man saying "did I say that out loud?"
Giphy | Aurora Consulting: Business, Insurance, Financing Experts

"'I'm just blunt and tell it like it is.' Translates to: 'I'm just an abrasive a-hole who finds every opportunity to bring people down.'"

Even though I'm Polish and we are known to speak our minds and sometimes come off a little abrasive, even I find that annoying.

This Stereotype

view of New York City from the water
Unsplash | Chris Barbalis

"I was at a party and asked my friend who that guy over there was, and he was like, 'so and so from New York.' And I said, 'Oh god, New Yorkers always brag about where they live, their income, and their occupation.' In the first sentence, this guy says ALL 3, and we start busting up laughing. What a stooge."


This Workaholic

mug that says "hustle"
Unsplash | Garrhet Sampson

"Working too much. It's not a bad thing, but for me, it's a red flag, in any relationship. I don't live for the hustle and ppl (sp) who think it's impressive they work 60-70 hours a week because they have 'important work to do' are free to do as they please but get a big 'I'll pass,' especially if it's on a date. I used to work 60-70 hrs a week and there's nothing to brag about, it's like Stockholm syndrome for a job."

It's a one-way ticket to having a mental breakdown.

And This Hard Truth

outside garbage bin that says "do good deeds daily."
Unsplash | Jasper Garratt

"Most people I’ve come across who boast about being good people, are actually massive pieces of [expletive]."

You don't say. I totally get what this person is saying here. Good people don't have to announce they're good — it's pretty evident.

Holy moly!

man saying "Look what I can do."
Giphy | Paramount+

It's pretty crazy that there are so many annoying things people brag about, huh? Honestly, I don't know if it's my modest upbringing or just the struggles I have gone through but I would rather be humble than a show-off any day. How about you? Do you feel what I'm saying?