Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Dame Judi Dench Weighed In On If Pierce Brosnan Or Daniel Craig Is The Better James Bond

There are some questions that just don't have one correct answer. What is the meaning of life? Did the chicken or the egg come first? Which James Bond is the best James Bond?

It turns out that this is a question that sometimes even the actors in the films themselves must sometimes ask themselves (or be asked by others) and while we eagerly await to find out who the NEXT James Bond might be, it's worth taking a look at what ones hold special places in our hearts.

Two of the most popular James Bonds of all time are Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

The debate between which of the two might get the title of BEST Bond has been raging for a long time.

Dame Judi Dench, who played M, the head of MI6 and Bond's boss, through both Brosnan's and Craig's reign as Bond, is in a unique position to judge which Bond gets the trophy.

Back in 2011, Judi weighed in on the debate herself.

Judi Dench as M.
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"Daniel's an incredible talent and I love working with him but I still miss Pierce. He was a very warm man and always a lot of fun, always laughing and joking. Pierce was great to have around the set. We became close friends," she said.

"I did four Bonds with him so I missed him after he finished with the role."

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.
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"There's no comparison between him and Daniel," she went on. "They're completely different actors but both are brilliant men with a fantastic sense of humor, very self-mocking, which you need to play Bond. But you miss anyone you make a relationship with and you think at some point you'll maybe cross paths again."

"If you get on with somebody well, you never really break that."

Daniel Craig on SNL
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What do you think? Is Pierce the reigning Bond supreme, or did Daniel take the title? Or are you maybe a supporter of the classic Connery? Let us know where you fall on the debate in the comments!

h/t: The Mirror