Mother Of Eight Shares Why She Won't Ever Buy Her Kids Christmas Presents

Jordan Claes
Christmas gifts underneath the Christmas tree.
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The thought of not buying children Christmas gifts during the holidays comes off as rather Grinchy to most people. But when you're a mother of eight, just trying to keep the lights on, Christmas can quickly become the least wonderful time of the year.

That's why this minimalist mother is looking to shake things up and redefine what a merry and bright holiday season looks like. Have a look below and learn all about why she won't ever buy her kids Christmas presents.

The Christmas season is packed to the brim with holly jolly traditions.

A giant Christmas tree by the window.
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Who doesn't love chopping down a tree and adorning it with all your favorite decorations and lights? Christmas trees brighten the season and make every home feel like a winter wonderland.

There's also the joy of Christmas baking.

An array of Christmas cookie sin a basket.
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I could easily be the next contestant on Netflix's Nailed It! But still, that doesn't stop me from giving it my all when it comes to baking all assortments of holiday treats.

But bar none, the most festive tradition of all is exchanging gifts with the people we love.

Buddy the Elf saying "Santa's coming!" in 'Elf'.

At least, that's the case for the vast majority of people. But for this self-described minimal mom of eight is concerned — gift giving is one tradition her family can live without.

Angie is a decluttering coach, as well as a mom to eight happy children.

In September of 2021, Angie took to Instagram to describe in detail to her followers how she forever changed the landscape and expectations surrounding Christmas in her household

"2 years ago I changed how our family does Christmas," Angie's post began.

Mother of eight, Angie, talking about how she doesn't buy her kids Christmas gifts.
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"Having many fall and winter birthdays plus 2 birthdays close to Christmas, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of stuff. Plus not being the best at gift giving, I decided to stop buying gifts."

Instead, Angie and her kids take turns drawing names from a hat.

The inside of a mall during the Christmas season.
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Whoever's name you happen to draw, that's the person you are responsible for buying a gift for — no one else. The kids take time to think about what their sibling would like, then go and pick it out.

Angie admits that since her kids are still small, she ends up helping them out financially.

Two guys on a porch couch, asking "What's a budget?"
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"Currently I still buy with a budget as they're 10 and under. But as they grow older they will start buying," she explained.

Angie goes on to talk about how some of her kids are already beginning to contribute to their siblings' gifts with some of their own money.

A little girl sitting down in front of her Christmas tree.
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She also claims that the kids wind up liking what they get more because there's less and that they spend the whole year talking about who will pick who for Christmas.

"Everyone likes this and it took a lot of my overwhelm away around the holidays," Angie said.

Dollar bills next to holly and ivy.
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As we tiptoe toward a recession, the thought of buying Christmas gifts looms large for families who are struggling just to make ends meet.

Angie's minimalist method is a great way to still celebrate the season, without breaking the bank.

Dwight Schrute saying "It's a Christmas miracle!" on 'The Office'.
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There are a number of ways that you can incorporate Angie's system into your home. My personal favorite is a website called Elfster.

Elfster, for lack of a better explanation, is a virtual/online Secret Santa.

A picture of a Christmas elf.
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Families can create groups, assign names, and even make wishlists of what they want — allowing you to enjoy the holiday fun without the hassle. Sign up for free and make it a part of your Christmas traditions for years to come.