Bride's Best Friend Announces Pregnancy At Bachelorette, Gets Shredded Online

Ashley Hunte
Katie Jo who just found out her bff is pregnant.
TikTok | @katiejo_germany

Imagine finding out that your best friend is pregnant. That's usually going to be some really exciting news (though, that also kind of depends on what stage of life you're in).

But like any other piece of life-changing news, timing is key. And a recent viral TikTok has people wondering if your friend's bachelorette party is the right time to drop the news.

A TikToker uploaded a video early in September, sharing the news with the world.

A couple showing off the ultrasound picture of their baby-to-be.
Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

Katie Jo Germany (@katiejo_germany) posted to TikTok on September 5th, with a text caption on the video that reads, "when your best friend tells you she's pregnant at your bachelorette party."

The video shows the bride-to-be and her party showing off their outfits.

A woman wearing a floral dress while walking along a beach.
Unsplash | Tamara Bellis

Each partygoer takes turns showing the individual pieces of their outfits, including the accessories. As they point to each part, they say what the brand or store is.

And as a surprise twist, one friend announces her baby bump.

Katie's friend Claire announcing her pregnancy.
TikTok | @katiejo_germany

When it's Claire's turn, she starts out in the pretty typical route, announcing that her dress is from Zara and her necklace is Kendra Scott. Then, she adds, "And baby bump from Riley."

Shocked, Katie Jo doesn't know what to think at first.

Katie Jo in shock, not sure what to make of her friend's announcement.
TikTok | @katiejo_germany

Katie Jo appears, but instead of telling the camera where her outfit is from, she's simply confused. You can see from the look on her face that she doesn't entirely know what's going on.

But then Claire says that she's two months pregnant.

Shocked woman in white dress on beach with text that reads "I'm 2 months pregnant"
TikTok | @katiejo_germany

At this point, Katie Jo is over the moon, and the two share a congratulatory hug. In the video's title, Katie Jo says she "can’t wait to watch you be the best parents. ILY."

This viral video has the internet completely divided.

A woman screaming, "That's my opinion!"
Giphy | PeacockTV

In the month since it was uploaded, 10 million viewers watched the announcement, with over 1.6 million people dropping a like. Nearly 2k users took to the comments to share their own opinions on what just happened.

And... a lot of people took issue with the way Claire announced her pregnancy.

A woman shrugging as she says "not good."
Giphy | The Bear

One commenter wrote, "The pregnant girl is like 'how can I make this about me' even if the bride is happy for you, this will still probably shift the focus of the night."

Others thought Claire could've done the announcement at a different time.

A woman awkwardly asking, "Is this a bad time?"
Giphy | Shalita Grant

One user wrote, "okay but she could have done a separate OOTD with just the bride and then announce it."

Another commented, "Ok but like one day after would have been good too."

But not everyone saw this as an attention-stealing moment.

A woman saying, "cutest thing ever!"
Giphy | Nickelodeon

One user said, "Okay but doing it during a video this way makes it so cute because your reaction is captured forever and you know before the wedding!" And plenty of others pointed out that it's not like she upstaged the bride at her own wedding or anything.

In fact, many thought this was a cute, wholesome moment between best friends.

"They obviously love each other very much and she knew announcing her pregnancy would bring joy to the occasion" a user shared. "Congrats to both of you!"

At the end of the day, the bride didn't have any issue with how it was delivered.

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