Here Are The Four Most Common Zodiac Signs That Made For Famous Serial Killers

Sarah Kester
Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer
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Thanks to the release of Netflix's Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer, serial killers are top of mind recently.

But long before that, many people have been obsessed with true crime. Like one woman on TikTok who believes that she’s cracked the code when it comes to serial killers and zodiac signs

According to her, here are the four most common zodiac signs that make up famous serial killers. 

When you think about what serial killers have in common, a few things come to mind.

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Psycho, sadistic, lack of empathy, just to name a few. While these are all true, the similarities between them goes much deeper than that. 

According to the FBI, animals ⁠— including innocent kittens and dogs ⁠— are the first victims of serial killers.

Worried cat
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Households pets aren’t even off limits.“If somebody is harming an animal, there is a good chance they’re also hurting a human,” said John Thompson, deputy executive director of the National Sheriff’s Association, in a 2016 interview.

Another common trait serial killers have is that many were abused as children. 

Jeffrey Dahmer's parents
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One study even found that out of 50 serial killers, 68 percent of them had experienced "some type of maltreatment” (neglect, physical, sexual, or psychological). Trauma grows from this.

Those watching the story of Jeffrey Dahmer got to see that his parents were often fighting before they got divorced.

Jeffrey interview

Then, his mother left him alone to fend for himself for three months ⁠— a prime example of mental illness and neglect.

A third and surprising trait in common? Their Zodiac sign.

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This was discovered on TikTok by user Lauren Elaine Skirvin (@whydontyoubitchaboutit).

"For those of you who don’t believe in astrology, how can you explain that there are only four signs included in this long list," she began in her viral video.

Behind her was a list of serial killers and their zodiac signs, which had previously been shared on Twitter. 

Lauren with the zodiac signs
TikTok | @whydontyoubitchaboutit

Some of the names included Ted Buddy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and more. The most common Zodiac signs were Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo.

Each made up the different elements.

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Sagittarius is a fire sign; Gemini is an air sign; Pisces is a water sign, and Virgo is an Earth sign.

Lauren then put her true crime and astrology knowledge to the test by aligning each sign to traits of a serial killer.

Virgo was first.

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“You know their crime scenes are immaculate. You know they’re bleaching those crime scenes within an inch of their lives," she explained, adding that "they’re perfectionists so no stones are left untouched. Pisces can apparetly explode.

“Pisces is not surprising to anyone either because they let [expletive] build up and they explode."

Lauren in her video
TikTok | @whydontyoubitchaboutit

As for Sagittarius, she explained that they are "chaotic and impulsive. I don’t know... you mix that with mental health issues and I could see it happening."

She didn't have much of an explain for Geminis besides the fact that Jeffrey Dahmer was one.

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People in the comments were pretty shook at how it all made sense. "As a Gemini, I can confirm," one wrote. "This gave me chills," added another.

Many viewers felt very seen by Lauren's video.

"This is so interesting as a Virgo I literally feel like I create my own reality like I can wake up and be any person I want— and chameleon into them," one wrote, with many sharing similar stories.

Watch out for those people!