People Are Sharing The Things They Used To Cheap Out On But Can't After Trying The Better Version

Kasia Mikolajczak
woman carrying shopping bags
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I don't know about you, but I'm usually a frugal shopper. If I can save money by buying something generic versus a name brand, I'm all for it. However, there are instances where the more expensive item is actually worth it.

So when a Redditor asked, "What's something you used to be cheap on until you tried a high-quality version, and now you can't go back?" I was very interested to find out what people have chosen. Let's take a look.

Great Bed

woman stretching in bed
Unsplash | bruce mars

"My bed. Please, everyone, treat yourself and buy a high-quality bed set. Mattresses are expensive but it’s worth their weight in gold. Even if you just get a new set of covers, something with a high thread count. Sleep itself isn’t as important as how you sleep."

You know what? This person is totally right. Just count the hours that you spend sleeping. Case closed!

Good Backpack

person sitting on a rock wearing a backpack
Unsplash | Josiah Weiss

"When I was 10 or 11 I was in the boy scouts and we went on a hike/camp trip. I didn't have a backpack, so my Dad borrowed a canvas rucksack from my uncle. It was basically a large canvas bag with canvas shoulder straps. Every other scout had these lightweight nylon backpacks with aluminum frames and hip belts and padded shoulder straps. I had to keep stopping to take a breath and take the pack off because it was absolutely killing me. The weight was just dragging me down and the straps cut into my shoulders so much. I was kept being told to keep up with the rest of the troop. It was absolute torture.

"After that, I begged my Dad to buy me a proper backpack with a frame and hip strap. He bought me the 'World Famous (brand) The Kilimanjaro' backpack, which as it turns out was the cheapest backpack you could buy that had a frame ... but no hip belt. It was OK, but not having the hip belt wasn't ideal and it sure beats lugging around a sack of potatoes on your back.

"If I ever go hiking/camping again, I don't care how much a good backpack costs, I will pay for it."


Quality Earbuds

earbuds in a case
Unsplash | Daniel Romero

"Earbuds/headphones. Used to think people who paid over $20 for earbuds were ridiculous. Eventually got tired of my $12 ones breaking or being such low quality."

My husband who's a musician and a sound engineer would absolutely second that.

Good Bra

black bra with lace back next to undies
Unsplash | Danijela Prijovic

"Good bras. God! It helps to have a good bra which would fit you and not leave marks on your skin."

"Especially when the 'core' sizes aren’t necessarily going to fit you! I went years wearing a 34C and constantly having the band ride up in the back until I finally got measured and learned I was a 32D and I was so much more comfortable, but it can be very difficult to find that size. Now I’m a 30DDD/30E and I’m lucky if I can find a bra in my size under $50, but it really is worth it for my back."

Amen to that!

Well-Made Clothing

men's shirts hanging on a clothes rack
Unsplash | Waldemar Brandt

"I used to buy cheap polyester clothes from Kohl's and other massive retailers, but one day I was shopping in a higher-end place and bought a really nice heavy-duty cotton henley, and every time I went into my closet I wanted to wear it. So I decided to empty my closet and start over with better quality clothes. Now I have half as many clothes as I did before, but I feel good in all of them, and they will last for years instead of months. Instead of buying four $10 Polo shirts, I buy one $40 quality Polo shirt."

I hear you loud and clear.

Good Coffee

coffee being dripped
Unsplash | John Schnobrich

"I used to drink almost anything and then I got to taste Jamaican Blue Mountain and it was fantastic, it is now the only thing that I buy. When I started drinking coffee again, I looked for the best brewing method and came up with an AeroPress. I grind my beans, using a USB burr grinder on a medium grind, as I need them, and keep them stored in an air-free container that will remove the carbon dioxide. I have introduced a few people to those methods and they say it has made a world of difference in their enjoyment of coffee."

I bet all the coffee lovers would give these ideas two thumbs up.

Quality Shoes

women's high heel shoes
Unsplash | Marcus Lewis

"And don't listen if a salesperson tells you that you can break them in. They should feel comfortable when you first try them on."

Oh, we all have heard this line before. Am I right? Don't get fooled by that, okay?

2-Ply Toilet Paper

woman lying down hugging toilet paper
Giphy | Story of This Life

"I find it weird that this comment isn't here (unless I overlooked it) but TOILET PAPER!

Once I started using 2-ply I knew there was no way in hell I was going back to 1-ply."

Haha! I bet their bum thanks them for that.

Good Cheese

hard cheese lying next to pomegranate seeds
Unsplash | Aliona Gumeniuk

"I used to eat Kraft singles on my sandwiches until I got with my wife and she buys the nice Tillamook cheese. I could never eat that fake plastic [expletive] EVER again."

Sounds like we have a convert on our hands, hehe.

Quality Steak

steak with salt around it and spring of rosemary
Unsplash | Edson SaldaƱa

"Steak. It's not something I buy often due to the expense (more of a rare treat), but when you do, it's best to go for one that's high quality (lots of marbling, well-aged, a good thickness & cut, etc). When cooking steak, there's not a lot you can do to make a low-quality one taste great, but if you start with a quality ingredient, then there's likewise not a lot you can do to go wrong with it."

True dat!


sushi next to a dipping bowl and chopsticks
Unsplash | Andraz Lazic

"Yep. High-quality doesn't have to mean uber-authentic, either! American sushi is way different than traditional Japanese sushi - rolls in general aren't as common in JP, they don't drown their dish in sauces, and the really good stuff is frequently served as sashimi - but both can be served in a high-quality or low-quality fashion. The difference you get from using never-frozen fish, hiring an actual itamae or five to prep your rice and slice your fish (it takes years to learn to do the rice properly), and balancing the amount of rice, veggie, and fish in a roll is massive.

I don't especially care if some people want cream cheese in their roll or Sriracha on top of it; more power to them. Everyone should choose the stuff that's well-made, though."

Honestly, that's the only sushi I'll eat.

Quality Vacuum

person vacumming a dog
Giphy | The BarkPost

"My Dyson vacuum. My dog sheds a lot and cheap vacuums would only last a year before breaking."

"Adding to this - getting a cordless vacuum has changed my life. I have a high shedding dog too and pulling out the vacuum, messing with the cord/outlet situation is no longer an issue so I don’t hesitate to vacuum as much!"

A good vacuum is a must.

Menstrual Cup

hand holding a menstrual cup
Unsplash | Oana Cristina

"A menstrual cup! I cannot describe how much better it made my period days. No mess and way less discomfort than when I was using pads and tampons. Never going back!"

I've never actually used one, but I definitely recommend period underwear. It's pretty amazing.

Better Fuel

hand holding a fuel pump
Unsplash | Wassim Chouak

"Fuel! I use to buy just regular unleaded fuel for a V6 sports car. I noticed that it would go out within 2 days of trying it. The car manual says it can use any type of fuel, so I tried Premium unleaded, now even with inflation it’s worth every cent. It now lasts me nearly 2 weeks for 1 tank of fuel. Idk if that is relevant or not."

Some cars do way better with premium than regular and that's a fact.

Windshield Wipers

car's winshield wipers
Unsplash | Mark Boss

"I used to buy the cheap ones and would get so annoyed that they would always skip across the windshield. I thought all wipers did that until I bought the expensive ones. I’ll never buy the cheap ones again."

I can tell you right now that my husband would agree with that.

Socks And Underwear

feel with socks on next to cat paws
Unsplash | Valeriia Miller

"I only have like 6 pairs of everyday socks now instead of packs of 30 that blow out and get [expletive] in a month, and it's so worth it. Same with underwear."

Well, you use it every day so it makes sense, no?

Winter Coat

woman in the snow wearing a winter jacket with a hood
Unsplash | Jasmine Coro

"I bought a Moncler coat, and yes it was insanely expensive, but it is the most impeccably made garment I own and it will actually make me sweat if the temp is above 32/0. It will never go out of style and will last the rest of my life and then someone else’s."

Wow! That makes sense, no?

Quality Makeup

eyeshadow palettes and brushes
Unsplash | Raphael Lovaski

"Makeup. My friends at work insisted I go to a fancy makeup counter at the mall. I've gotten so many compliments...I will never go back to cheap makeup."

If it works, it works! Am I right? I too splurged on good makeup and I wouldn't go back.

Wow! So many choices here, huh?

woman saying "That's what quality feels like."

I have to say I agree with most of these splurges here. I would definitely recommend getting a quality mattress. It will make a huge difference in your life. And I always rather pay a little more for good food than settle for the cheap stuff. What do you think about that? Do you agree? What do you choose to spend more money on, huh?