18 Beautiful Things People DIY'd For Their Weddings Instead Of Buying

Kasia Mikolajczak
Mr & Mrs sign on a wedding arch
Unsplash | micheile dot com

As you guys may or may not know, I just got married. It was an endeavor that spanned a few years of planning. I kid you not. There is so much that goes into organizing a wedding, and it can quickly add up.

That's why many brides opt for a little DIY, especially when it comes to decor and special touches. I even did a little of that myself. So check out these cute ideas and let me know what you think.

This Wedding Arbor Idea

wedding arbour made out of paper cranes
reddit | miffy1994

"My sister folded 1000 paper cranes for our arbor."

OMG, what? How wonderful is that? Honestly, I never would have thought of this idea until I saw this. But now, I wish I have done that. It's brilliant. Isn't it?

This Unique Bouquet

wedding bouquet made out of broaches
reddit | justtakingalook0

"I created my bouquet with my grandmother's broaches. I bought the handle and added a styrofoam ball on top. I then covered it with tulle and placed each broach."

Would you look at that? It's the coolest idea. And it's a great way to have it as a keepsake too, no?

This Wedding Dress

woman in wedding dress she made posing with her husband
reddit | 420TomHanks

"I posted on here when I was first making my own wedding dress, and here it is!"

Wow! I always admire talented ladies who can make their own wedding dresses. I, for one, can't sew to save my life, but I can appreciate good work when I see it.

This DIY Hairpiece

DIY wedding hairpiece
reddit | harrietthecat27

When I was looking for ideas for hairdos for my wedding day, I definitely wanted to incorporate a hairpiece. I was able to find one for less than $20, but this homemade one is speaking to me here. Do you love it too?

These DIY Florals

DIY blue and white wedding florals
reddit | Jedadeana

"My wedding DIY faux floral arrangements, never tried making florals before."

Okay, I have to admit I'm impressed, especially since this lady here never tried making her own floral arrangements. What do you think of these? They're very beautiful, no?

These LED Table Numbers

Homemade LED table numbers
reddit | MakersWorkshopllc

"My sister wanted lit LED table numbers so I put these together for her! The bases as 3D printed to hide the wires. My daughter (their niece) sketched the bridge where they got engaged and I then laser engraved the sketch into clear acrylic so it would glow. Really happy with how these turned out!"

What a neat idea, huh? I love how it's so personalized.

This DIY Save The Date

DIY Wedding Save The Date
reddit | JAFR95

Truth be told, we never got around to sending out "Save the date" cards, haha. We just mailed out the wedding invitations. Oh well! But if I was going to do them, this is such a great idea. This lady used her Cricut machine, and I'm totally impressed by what she came up with alright.

This Dream Beach Wedding

rustic beach wedding idea
reddit | boughtmylifeonamazon

"My mom wanted her dream Californian rustic beach wedding on a $100 budget."

Aww, that's so sweet. Am I right? I have to be honest, I've always wanted to get married on the beach. It just wasn't possible as we don't live near one. But I absolutely love this idea.

These Embroidered Sneakers

flower embroidered white sneakers
reddit | frostedlampshade

"I made myself embroidered bridal sneakers that match my bouquet!"

Oh, nice! How pretty are those, huh? So I brought a pair of sneakers to my wedding reception in case I needed to change my footwear. But I actually made it through the whole night in my sandals. Can you believe that? My feet were a little sore the next day, though.

This Sweet Gesture

woman used dad's shirt as cover for ring pillow since her dad passed away
reddit | beanburrito26

"My Dad passed away in 2015. He was able to 'walk' me down the aisle because I used his favorite shirt as a cover for our ring cushion."

Okay, and now I'm crying. This is so sweet, no?

This DIY Wedding Cape

DIY wedding cape
reddit | kazzley614

"My fiancé and I made this cape together! Please excuse the dirty ass kitchen."

Haha! Well, if that doesn't look like a labor of love, I don't know what does. Am I right? It's so pretty. I love it.

This Sunflower Crochet Bouquet

crochet sunflower wedding bouquet
reddit | indigoeyes0306

"Homemade bouquet with crocheted sunflowers and assorted fake flowers."

Ah, what a great idea. I actually almost used sunflowers in my bridal bouquet, but in the end, I changed my mind. However, if somebody were able to do this for me, I wouldn't mind at all.

This Gorgeous Macrame

DIY wedding macrame
reddit | michelletr11

"Can’t wait to ‘tie the knot’ under this macrame I finished tonight!!"

Wowza! It's quite stunning, huh? I always admire people who can make their own macrame. How do they even do that? It's so baffling to me, haha.

This Wedding Arch

oval wedding arch in a field
reddit | aye_ehn_jayy

So here's the thing, I originally wanted to get married in front of a wedding arch. But I ended up using a flower wall instead. It just worked out better for our patio ceremony venue. However, I really dig this one.

These Pretty Centerpieces

DIY wedding centerpieces
reddit | quiteundecided

"Decided to be my own florist with mostly eBay flowers/items, using thrift shop glasses as vases for my table centerpieces."

I don't know about you, but I think this person has a new career they should embark on. These centerpieces are absolutely gorgeous.

This DIY Veil

groom with bride and flowing wedding veil
reddit | shaboogami

"Finally married the love of my life on 08.29.20! I loved all the compliments I received on my DIY veil, and our photographer captured this incredible shot to highlight it!"

Oh my goodness! I'm so happy to see that not only did the DIY veil turn out great, but the talented photographer captured this special moment in time.

This Fun Idea

DIY wedding embroidery hoops favors with curse words
reddit | glucoseandeugenol

"My favorite detail from our 9/28 wedding: I made embroidery hoops for favors and all of them say a variety of mean/rude/curse words."

OMG! What? Why didn't I think of that, haha? Isn't this so genius and may I say unique AF?

This Wedding Cake

homemade wedding cake decorated with flowers
reddit | ss_anne

"I baked my own wedding cake! (Florist did the flowers to jazz it up) but thrilled."

I must admit this is something I would never do. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook, but baking isn't my forte, so left this part to a professional. However, I'm super dazzled with this homemade version here.

Okay, wasn't this impressive?

woman clapping and saying "Impressive!"
Giphy | CBC

I'm always so inspired when I see people do DIY stuff for their weddings. Ideally, I would have done the same thing if it wasn't so time-consuming. Do you get what I'm saying? But if you have some spare time and like to do this sort of thing, I hope these ideas are for you.

Which one impressed you the most?