New 'House Of The Dragon' Deleted Scene Hints At Daemon Being Bisexual

Jordan Claes
Daemon Targaryen with short hair in 'House Of The Dragon'.

The only thing that audiences love more than a hero is a villain. And while it's true that Daemon Targaryen certainly isn't all bad, his morals and ethics most certainly occupy a murky grey area between virtue and villainy.

After witnessing the events that took place in "The Princess and the Queen," all eyes are once again on Daemon and the complexities of his character. As eagle-eyed fans have already pointed out, there's a lot to suggest that Daemon Targaryen may, in fact, be bi-sexual.

HBO's new prequel series 'House Of The Dragon' has quickly become the hottest thing on television.

Daemon Targaryen at dinner in Pentos in 'House Of The Dragon'.

As it stands right now, House of the Dragon boasts an impressive 86% Tomatometer Score and an Audience Score of 84%. That's just mere points off Game of Thrones, which sits at 89% and 85% respectively.

'House Of The Dragon''s popularity is owed, in no small part, to fan-favorite Daemon Targaryen —played by Matt Smith.

Daemon Targaryen in full armor in 'House Of The Dragon'.

Daemon is everything his brother King Viserys I is not. He's ambitious, ruthless, cunning — and seemingly bi-sexual as it appears to be.

In last Sunday's episode, "The Princess And The Queen," eagle-eyed fans noticed a tender exchange between Daemon and a male servant.

Daemon Targaryen looking fondly at a male servant in 'House Of The Dragon'.

The scene in question happens while Daemon and his wife, Lady Laena, are dining at their Pentoshi residence. As a servant clears Daemon's plate, the two men lock eyes lovingly.

A recently surfaced press image from a deleted scene appears to confirm that Daemon is indeed bi-sexual.

Lady laena approaching Daemon and a male servant in 'House Of The Dragon'.

Here we see a photo of Lady Laena approaching her husband, shown to be canoodling with the very same servant we saw in the previous image.

Many fans quickly pointed out that this is a departure from George R.R. Martin's books.

Daemon Targaryen giving a toast to Aegon the Conqueror in 'House Of The Dragon'.
Giphy | Game of Thrones

While Princess Rhaenyra is certainly said to be polyamorous in the novel "Fire & Blood", at no point is Daemon shown to have any romantic or sexual relationships with men.

Speaking of Princess Rhaenyra, 'HOTD' diehards have also begun accusing the show of queer-baiting the audience.

Princess Rhaenyra and Alicent Hightower embracing one another in 'House Of The Dragon'.

This mainly has to do with the show's depiction of the teen "friendship" between the young Alicent Hightower and the rebellious Targaryen Princess.

"I mean, we kind of started that discourse," actress Emily Carey told 'Variety'.

Alicent and Princess Rhaenyra holding hands in 'House Of The Dragon'.
Giphy | Game of Thrones

"I believe it’s Episode 4. I was sat on the bench. It’s not necessarily something we had talked about yet," Carey thoughtfully recalled to her interviewer.

"We were doing that scene, and Milly and I looked at each other like, ‘It kind of felt like we were about to kiss?'"

Alicent and Rhaenyra facing off in the God's Wood in 'House Of The Dragon'.

Carey assures her audience that neither she nor actress Milly Alcock intended to play the scene in a romantic manner.

"It’s just...if you want to read into it and see it like that, do it. If you want to see them as more than friends, do it. If you don’t, then don’t.”

Alicent and Rhaenyra holding hands looking at one another in 'House Of The Dragon'.

Emily points out that she herself is a queer woman. The romantic undertones were certainly something she was conscious of, but by no means was she purposely putting it out there.

"They’re 14-year-old girls, they don’t know the difference between platonic and romantic," Emily reasoned.

Alicent and Rhaenyra praying together in 'House Of The Dragon'.
Giphy | Game of Thrones

Carey continued on, arguing that Alicent and Rhaenyra wouldn't even know what the two words meant, let alone how to be able to distinguish the complexities of the feelings behind them.

Is it possible that we're reading too much into the interaction between characters or is there something deeper beneath the surface?

Daemon Targaryen dressed in full armor and helm in 'House Of The Dragon'.

That much remains to be seen. But with only four episodes left to go in House of the Dragon's inaugural season, suffice it to say that there's still a ton of ground left to cover and plenty of avenues left to explore.