A Mom Is Trying Out What She Calls A 'Messy Dinner', But People Aren't Having It

Lex Gabrielle
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Family dinners are something that are very important to many individuals and their families. Sitting together at the dinner table and talking about your day, sharing a meal together, and just having family memories is something that all parents enjoy. However, it can be rather difficult for some parents to work full days and constantly have to put on an entire dinner, cook, eat, and clean up every single night.

Recently, many families have begun experimenting with dinner.

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Dinner has become a bit more experimental thanks to social media and a ton of ideas that have been shared online. Recently, many people are doing away with dishes and conventional dinners and getting quite crazy.

On social media, people have begun to use their tables and their counters as their "plates."

Instead of setting a full table, they put tin foil or even table cloths on a table or countertop and use it to serve up something nice.

Some people use it for big parties.

Some online use it for parties where they have a ton of people. They use their tabletop or countertop to make a big party platter or even nachos for everyone to share and enjoy.

One mom, however, decided to make a "messy dinner" for her boys on the table.

Messy dinner tiktok video
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TikTok user Brooke shared that her boys were getting a "messy dinner" and that they absolutely loved it. Her two boys are seen at the table, which is covered by a plastic tablecloth.

She then pours an entire pot of spaghetti onto the table.

Messy dinner tiktok
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The spaghetti goes right onto the table, without any plates, napkins, or even forks. The boys are staring at the spaghetti with awe and wonder—clearly excited for what is to come.

She then covers the spaghetti in sauce.

Messy Dinner TikTok
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The mom tops off the spaghetti with meat sauce, right on the table. The boys continue to stare at the pasta and the table with delight. Clearly, they're excited to get down and messy with this pasta.

The mom shared that it was a "total win."

Messy Dinner TikTok video
TikTok | TikTok l brookeabigail0

Her boys absolutely loved the "messy dinner" idea, forgoing all the tradition with plates and napkins and just letting them eat straight off the table with their forks. The mom also shared they ate more than they usually do.

Some people online thought that it looked fun.

Some TikTok users commented saying that it looked like a fun time for her boys, seeing that it can make mealtime into an adventure and entice them to eat more because they're having a good time.

However, many people online said absolutely not.

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Others on TikTok thought this was absolutely way too far. One person pointed out that the tablecloth would probably melt due to the heat from the food. Another person said it would take forever to clean.

Some pointed out germs.

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Other users pointed out that this was a surefire way to spread germs, and also get everyone sick. If one child has a cold or is under the weather, it's an easy way to spread it to the other.

And, others simply took it and ran with it for the joke.

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"Normally I leave it on the kitchen floor for my kids," said one user. "I leave it on the pavement outside my house for them to forage through," added another. "Next time do it in the front garden," said a third.