The Internet Is Rocked After Clip Of Michael Jackson Using His 'Deep Voice' Goes Viral

Taylor Sakellis
michael jackson singing on stage
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Michael Jackson was known for many things — his fashion, his iconic dance moves, his sequin glove, and of course, his silky voice. To be fair, Michael has a voice that is higher and softer than most men's voices, but that was always just part of his brand, right?

However, fans are losing their minds after a clip of Michael using his "deep voice" at a concert in 1997 has gone viral on Twitter.

Michael Jackson's legacy is one of the most enduring in Hollywood.

Despite his tragic death in 2009, the singer has remained in the hearts and minds of his fans ever since.

They even made a Tony-award-winning musical based on his life, titled MJ: The Musical.

While there are many unique characteristics that define the "Thriller" singer, one of the most important ones has to be his voice.

Michael's voice is almost as iconic as his moonwalk. It's hard to describe but when you hear it, you know it.

Well, prepare for your mind to be blown because I have a video to show you that will knock your socks off.

It's a clip of a MJ concert from 1997 that's going viral right now because of how LOW Michael's voice is.

The video, which was recorded in Copenhagen, shows Michael speaking the "In The Closet" dialogue in the middle of the song.

As you can imagine, fans were totally blown away by the performance — especially those who weren't aware of the singer's impressive vocal range.

"I need to process this," tweeted one fan.

"Biggest star in music ever. No one will ever come close. RIP," tweeted another.

Well, I for one can say I'm surprised about this vocal range revelation but hey — you learn something new every day.