Woman Seething After Hubby Fakes Emergency To Make Her Leave Her Brother's Wedding Early

Ashley Hunte
Attending the wedding of a loved one can be as important for you as the person getting married.
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A wedding in the family doesn't happen every day. So when a close relative of yours announces they're getting married, you're probably going to want to attend the ceremony.

But what happens if you can't go, or have to leave early because of some kind of emergency? One wife experienced that exact thing, only to find out the emergency her husband told her about was fake.

The wife, 26, posted her story to Reddit.

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Using a throwaway account, the user posted to r/AmItheAsshole, asking if she was in the wrong for "losing it" on her husband, 23, after he faked an emergency to get her to come home from her brother's wedding.

"My husband has been sick for few days. He got sick around the time of my brother's wedding," she wrote.

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"I took care of him 24hrs for days. He's on meds and can move and go to the bathroom and eat on his own. I told him I was going to my brother's wedding and he threw a fit saying I couldn't leave him alone while he's sick."

She suggested that his sister could come over to watch him during the wedding, noting that he wasn't so sick that he needed constant care.

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"He said no and told me to miss it. I got upset and bluntly said no and that he could survive for few hours while I attend the wedding."

"He sulked and as I was leaving, he said he hoped I won't ever come back. It hurt my feelings but I know he was just mad and didn't mean it."

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"At the wedding, I got a text from him saying he lost balance and fell off the stairs and hurt his back. He said he was in a lot of pain he threw up and couldn't move, and insisted I get home asap."

She tried to call him, but when she got no response, she freaked out and drove home, preparing for the worst.

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But when she got there, what she saw was completely different.

"When I got home, I rushed towards the stairs while calling out his name but he wasn't there," she continued. "I started to really freak out. I rushed into the bedroom and found him in bed drinking juice and soon as he saw me he put the phone down."

"I instantly knew he lied so I lost it on him and started yelling saying he freaked me out and caused me to miss my brother's wedding for nothing...absolutely nothing."

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"He said that he already told me I couldn't leave him alone in the house and that this 'very scenario' could've happened if I stayed there any longer. I yelled at him calling him horrible which made him cry."

"He started crying and throwing his juice all over the place."

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"I had to step out and call his sister thinking she'd come help but she came and started cussing me out saying I had a lot of nerve expecting her to back me up after I so carelessly left her brother alone at the house in that state just to attend a party."

She ends the story by saying she's gone to stay with her parents, and wonders if she's in the wrong.

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The comment section for this post overwhelmingly agreed that she wasn't the jerk in this situation, and that it was her husband who was in the wrong.

In fact, many users pointed out how many red flags there were in the story.

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One commenter wrote, "NTA, he's manipulative and grossly childish. Please think about leaving someone who is trying to separate you from your family."

And many were also commenting on how abusive the husband was being.

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Another commenter said, "What an absolute, manipulative, selfish [expletive] your husband is. And his sister too. They can both [expletive] right off. I don't think there's any coming back from this. You know what to do. You did nothing wrong."

At the end of the day, it's probably best that she's not staying in the house with him.

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He lied to his wife because she went to support her brother. All because he didn't want her to go to the wedding in the first place. And then pretended to be the victim. If anyone's wrong, it's him.

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