People Aren't Sure How To Feel About Disney Guests Hiding Their Child To Avoid Admission

Sarah Kester
Disneyland admission
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Disney World may be the Happiest Place on Earth, but it's also one of the most expensive.

Like everything else, this has only gotten worse with inflation. 

So it’s no wonder that people aren’t opposed to using different hacks to save some money. Some of these, however, may be going too far, like when a mother hid her child in a baby stroller to avoid paying admission. 

This sneaky loophole has caused quite the debate online. 

Child in a baby stroller
TikTok | @myfrienditsmebarbie

The viral video was posted to TikTok by @myfrienditsmebarbie. With the “how would they know” viral TikTok sound playing in the background, a group of women were shown waiting in line for tickets.

One was pushing a baby-sized stroller.

Family at Disney
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In case you didn't know, children under the age of three receive free admission. The price goes up to $104 per person for children aged three to nine and $109 for children aged 10 and older.

It's a hefty cost that the group of women chose to avoid.

Child out of stroller in Disney
TikTok | @myfrienditsmebarbie

They did so by putting the little girl in the baby-sized stroller.“When Disney ticket prices go up,” a text caption wrote. “Poor kid was in an infant car seat.”

The response to the viral video was huge.

Zendaya saying "do you boo boo"
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It's been viewed more than 9.1 million times. It also received thousands of comments, with many users sharing their mixed reactions to the heist. “We just teach our kids to lie about their age. But this is epic,” one person commented.

“My daughter is four, [but] she still passes for two. You do what you gotta do!!” another added.

Woman holding out money
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Given how expensive Disney can be, many supported the money-saving tactic. "I fully support this because we went in May and it was literally like taking a second mortgage out on our house," someone commented.

"My son is 4 but at Disneyland he knows he’s 2," another sneaky parent added.

Some users even shared stories of their parents doing something similar.

"I remember me and my cousins laying down in the back seat with some blankets over me as we drove into the drive in movies," a woman shared.

"My parents use to make me do this," another replied.

Ross as a baby
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In case you're wondering how Disney workers feel about all this, some gave their opinion on it in the comments. "Worked the front gates, trust me we know. We are told to just let it go,” one person wrote.

"I worked the entrance in the past and let me just tell y’all, they didn’t pay enough to care THAT much. I see a stroller, kid says ‘two,’ have a nice day," another added.

Chandler saying he doesn't care
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“It looks like the cast member noticed but she pretended to not see the little girl but her smile says it all!” a third claimed.

Of course, not everyone was thrilled about scamming a magical place like Disney.

Little girl giving a grimace

"The way people have no shame just continues to amaze me," a user wrote. "How embarrassing," another wrote.

In fairness, more children getting in for free = longer lines.

"No way. I even explain to my kids it's wrong to get fountain drinks with a water cup. It's the principle of it," a fourth commented.

Joey saying "stop lying"
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“And that just ruins it for everyone else," someone else replied. This sparked another debate.

Soon, people were defending the mothers in the video from the negative comments.

"To all the negative comments, Disney makes enough money! And they aren’t paying your bills so leave these people alone!” a person wrote, with another adding, “No judgement here. You gotta do what you gotta do to get some Disney magic sometimes."