Bridesmaid Called 'Attention Seeker' Over Dress Groom Selected

Ashley Hunte
How you typically expect a bride and bridesmaids to be dressed.
Unsplash | Katelyn MacMillan

Being a woman on the internet can be kind of tough at times. It can definitely feel like no matter what you do, your physical appearance will get criticized for one reason or another.

And even if you are seeking attention online based on your appearance, there will always be others who want to tear you down for that very same reason.

Recently, a woman was harassed online because of a dress she was meant to wear for a wedding.

TikToker Lily showing off the dress her best friend's fiancé supposedly chose for the bridesmaids to wear.
TikTok | @pilyplum

TikTok user Lily, who goes by @ig_pilyplum96, posted a video in which she shows off the bridesmaid dress she'd been sent for her friend's wedding.

The dress was not picked by Lily, nor was it picked by the friend.

A groom getting ready for his big day.
Unsplash | Nathan Walker

Instead, it was the friend's fiancé (in other words, the groom to be) who picked out the dress, eliciting a suspicious "hmmm" from Lily herself.

When showing off the dress, it's pretty clear that it shows a little too much skin for a wedding.

Woman in a blue low-cut dress
TikTok | @ig_pilyplum96

As Lily is someone with a larger chest, the cut of the dress leaves much of the TikToker's chest exposed.

And to be honest, it's not really that big of a deal.

Seth Meyers shrugging.
Giphy | Late Night with Seth Meyers

After all, anyone can wear what they want.

But it's easy to see how some might find it a bit too provocative of an outfit for something like a wedding.

The TikTok ended up going pretty viral.

A man looking shocked, and then applauding while impressed.
Giphy | DraftKings

Since it was uploaded in mid-July, the TikTok was viewed over 2.8 million times, and was liked over 122,000 times. Hundreds of people flocked to the comment section to make their opinions known.

And a lot of people had a lot of differing thoughts.

Will Farrell stroking his chin in thought.
Giphy | NBA

While there were plenty of people who loved the dress, there were also a lot of people quick to judge Lily based off the dress's fit, as well as her appearance.

Many people assumed Lily's claim was fake.

A woman angrily shouting, "You are fake!"
Giphy | Machine Head

"I seriously doubt that! any reason to get them out be it fictional or real," one commenter said.

Another wrote, "This could cause trouble if it was true! lucky it isn't...."

Others took the video seriously, and had a lot to say about the groom.

St3eve Harvey dancing around with two red flags.
Giphy | Steve Harvey TV

One commenter wrote, "Am I the only one who is like that's a Bigg 🚩🚩🚩🚩. like yes, it looks great, but, Uhm..."

Another commenter was on the same page, saying "That is the biggest red flag ever, he’d be single after this it if was me."

Of course, there were plenty of people who complimented Lily on the dress.

"Too be fair, the thirst comments aside it's a really nice dress," one user commented.

And there were, of course, plenty of comments telling Lily how stunning she is in the dress.

And to all the people calling her an attention seeker, Lily made a follow up post.

In a separate TikTok, she responded to a commenter by sarcastically saying, "No I hate attention please don't look at me!"

But to be honest, whether the story is true or not, getting attention is kind of the point of posting things to social media.

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