Here Are Some Of The Most Obvious Movie Mistakes Ever

Jordan Claes
Jack and Rose staring into one another's eyes in 'Titanic'.
Paramount Pictures | Paramount Pictures

Making a motion picture has a lot of moving parts. The sheer magnitude of the production is vast and seemingly endless at times and requires everyone to work together in order for it to be executed successfully.

Along the way, mistakes are bound to happen — some big and some small. However, much to the chagrin of filmmakers, certain mistakes transgress that defy logic and rationale entirely. Have a look below and take a look at some of the most obvious movie mistakes ever made.

There's a very futuristic "EXIT" sign in 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'

Prisoners walking through a corridor in 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'
Touchstone Pictures | Touchstone Pictures

Illuminated "EXIT" signs weren't invented until the 1970s. being that O Brother, Where Art Thou? takes place in 1937, it seems highly implausible that one would've been kicking around.

The guitar that Marty McFly plays in 'Back To The Future' really is from the future.

Marty McFly playing "Johnny B. Goode" in 'Back To The Future'.
Universal Pictures | Universal Pictures

In the classic scene where Marty plays Chuck Berry's immortal rock 'n roll theme song, "Johnny B. Goode," he's using a Gibson ES-345 — a guitar that didn't hit the market until four years after the movie is set.

Where exactly is the hedge maze in 'The Shining'?

Jack Torrance looking as if he's seen a ghost in 'The Shining'.

Fans of the classic horror film are well aware of the role the giant maze plays in the film's conclusion. But when we are shown the giant aerial shot of the Overlook Hotel at the beginning of the movie, the maze is nowhere to be found.

There's a spelling error on the front of the Gotham Times in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Newspaper clipping in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.
Warner Bros. | Warner Bros.

Whoever was doing the editing for The Dark Knight Rises clearly relies too heavily on their grade school phonics. Living by the rule of "i" before "e" except after "c" will only get you into trouble.

There's a badge that comes and goes throughout the scene with the Bear Jew in 'Inglorious Basterds'.

As the scene begins and Sgt. Rachtman is being interrogated by Aldo, a badge can be seen above his left breast. Once the Bear Jew enters the picture, the badge vanishes.

Jake's hand in 'Avatar' is huge.

Jake putting his hand to Neyteri's face in 'Avatar'.
20th Century Fox | 20th Century Fox

Keep in mind that the Na'vi are said to stand upwards of 10 feet tall. If that's true, then Jake's hand should've been proportionally much smaller and he wouldn't have been able to cup Neytiri's face.

Even Velociraptors need a helping hand in 'Jurassic Park'.

Unlike later films in the franchise, a good portion of the dinosaurs we see in the first Jurassic Park film are puppets. If you watch as the first raptor enters the kitchen, you can see a crewmember's hand making it move.

The gas station scene in 'John Wick' makes absolutely no sense.

John Wick tied to a chair in 'John Wick'.

Fans of the fabled action franchise will no doubt recall John's run-in with the Russian gangsters at the beginning of the first film. The glaring error is that John Wick takes place in New Jersey, where it's illegal to pump your own gas.

The description of the art display in 'Candyman' is all mixed up.

Art installment description in 'Candyman'.
Universal Pictures | Universal Pictures

The term they were looking for is "self-immolation" — which is the act of setting one's self on fire. Self-emulation makes absolutely no sense and is a pretty glaring grammatical mistake.

The end credits get Massimo's hands all wrong in 'Luca'.

The end credits in 'Luca'.
Disney | Disney

As you can see in the drawing of the end credits, Massimo is shown with two hands. This is a bit peculiar, considering that in the movie, he only has one.

How does Edward Cullen have sex in 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1'?

Edward and Bella running through the forest in 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1'.

Edward is technically dead, which means no blood flows through his body nor is he able to produce sperm. Yet somehow, he not only has sex with Bella but he also manages to get her pregnant.

How did the lamp manage to put itself back together in 'Spider-Man'?

Peter Parker flexing in front of the mirror, shirtless, in 'Spider-Man'.
Sony Pictures | Sony Pictures

In the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man film, Peter accidentally breaks his bedroom lamp while testing out his newfound powers. When Aunt May enters his room to find out what all the commotion is about, the lamp is magically restored.

Grandpa Joe contradicts himself in 'Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory'.

Grandpa Joe standing up for the first time in 'Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory'.

Early on in the film, after Charlie returns home for the first time, he gifts his grandfather some pocket money to buy tobacco but instead, Grandpa Joe buys him a Wonka Bar. How is this possible, considering Grandpa Joe has been bedridden for 20 years?

The woman in front of Elle at the water fountain isn't drinking at all in 'Legally Blonde'.

For whatever reason, the extra in this scene opted not to actually push the button at the fountain. She leans over to drink, but no water comes out.

I don't remember seeing any octopus in 'The Goonies', do you?

The first part of the story that Data recounts to the press involved a harrowing tail with a giant octopus. This scene was filmed but never made it into the final cut.

Why is the Tin Man so surprised when the Wizard floats away in 'The Wizard Of Oz'.

If you watch carefully, you can clearly see that the Tin Man unties the knot anchoring the balloon to the ground. So why does he look so surprised when the Wizard begins to soar off without Dorothy?

The 'Star Wars' franchise as a whole gets gravity completely wrong.

Darth Vader fighting Luke Skywalker in 'Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back'.
Disney | Disney

Whether the characters happen to be on Tatooine, Hoth, Naboo, or Coruscant, the gravitational pull and atmospheric makeup are all identical. As anyone with even the faintest understanding of astrophysics will tell you, this is utterly impossible.

Mary-Jane's hair is blowing in the wrong direction in 'Spider-Man'.

Spider-Man swinging with Mary Jane in 'Spider-Man'.

I don't mean to keep picking on the first SPider-Man film, but it's painfully obvious that Mary-Jane's hair should've been blown into her face. Also, it's very clear that Kirsten Dunst is holding onto a mannequin.

The surprise witness in 'My Cousin Vinny' would've been grounds for a mistrial.

Joe Pesci pointing to the defendants in 'My Cousin Vinny'.
20th Century Fox | 20th Century Fox

In order to act in accordance with the laws regarding disclosure, the prosecution must make all witnesses known to the defense attorneys ahead of time. Vinny argues this fact, yet the judge disregards him entirely.

Harry Potter's eyes are all wrong in 'Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone'.

Harry Potter rolling his eyes in 'Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone'.

When Hagrid meets Harry for the first time, he remarks on how he has his mother, Lilly's, eyes. Considering that Harry's eyes in the film are blue and Lilly's are dark brown, this is highly suspect.

Is Jack a time traveler in 'Titanic'?

Jack and Rose staring into one another's eyes in 'Titanic'.
Paramount Pictures | Paramount Pictures

He most certainly appears to be. At the beginning of the film, he tells Rose about the time he fell through the ice in Lake Wissota. Lake Wissota was a man-made lake, built in 1917. The Titanic sunk in 1912.