Target Has The Cutest (And Spookiest) Halloween Hot Cocoa Bombs

Sarah Kester
Hot chocolate
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Sorry, fellas, the lady in your life has yet another reason to head on over to Target!

The mega-shopping retailer already has everything you need for this year’s spooky season from animated skeletons to pumpkins to black cats. 

This year, Target upped their game: they’ve started selling the cutest Halloween hot cocoa bombs. 


If Target is in your blood, you need to learn about these shopping hacks. 

Woman on cell phone
Unsplash | Kelli McClintock

1: Allow notifications from the Target app. 

This keeps you in the loop of any upcoming sales. No one likes to miss out, especially not at Target.

With the app, you can also browse the weekly ad and be alerted when certain items are back in stock.

Woman carrying shopping bags
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2: Shop the Bullseye Playground online.

You already love taking laps in this section of the store, so why not do it online from the comfort of your own home?

The items range from $1 to $5. Score!

Woman clutching gloves
Movie Fanatic | Paramount

The online store lets you buy things in bundles so you can have tons of your favorite home décor, stocking stuffers, and kitchen gadgets. When it's this cheap, your hubby can't get mad.

3: Take advantage of Cat & Jack’s return policy for free kids’ clothes.

Kids standing together
Unsplash | Ben Wicks

If you’re a parent, you know how stressful it is to keep buying kids’ clothes after they’ve outgrown them. Or after they've rolled around in the mud with them a few times.

Well, a woman named Vivian (@yourrichBFF) on TikTok, has just the hack for you. 

In her viral video, she gave a demonstration of a parent asking to return children's pants at Target. "I see that those are Cat & Jack brand pants for your little one," she began.

"Target has a one-year satisfaction guarantee that allows customers to return broken, worn, or outgrown Cat & Jack children's clothing items,” she continued.

The same goes for shoes, within one year of purchase. This works even if you don’t have a receipt.

Although, if you have the Target app, you’ll always have the receipt in there!

Baby clothes
Unsplash | The Nix Company

Parents without a receipt can receive store credit. Or, they can exchange the item for a bigger size. Don’t feel bad about returning the items, either.

According to Vivian, Target accounts for the cost of these returns and exchanges in the cost of Cat & Jack clothing.

Woman shopping at Target
Giphy | Target

Hack 4: shop Target’s newest Halloween products! Okay, this isn’t a hack, as much as it is a demand. 

If you’re a fan of Halloween and sweet treats, you have to try their newest lines of cocoa bombs. 

Halloween decor
Unsplash | Bee Felten-Leidel

These are chocolate spheres that are filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows. When you add hot water or milk overtop, the chocolate melts, leaving the marshmallows floating around. 

Our mouth is watering just thinking of it. 

Eyeball cocoa bomb
Target | Target

Best part is: they’re only $5 and under! So there's no excuse to not try all the different flavors. 

There’s the eyeball hot cocoa bomb, which would be perfect for your Halloween party (and adding some Bailey’s into it). 

Then, there’s the brain cocoa bomb that will make you feel like a regular zombie.

Cocoa ball brains
Target | Target

It’s also a great deal since you get three for $5. 

For the pumpkin spice lovers, Target has your back. I mean, when does it not?

They introduced a pumpkin spice cocoa bomb that’s orange in color and sure to rival Starbucks’ pumpkin spice. 

Man drinking pumpkin spice
Giphy | Trey Kennedy

Have the girls over, get into your comfiest PJs, and watch the new season of Love Is Blind in October as you sip on your basic brew.

They also have pumpkin white fudge cocoa bombs in a set of three.

Pumpkin cocoa bombs
Target | Target

Will Target ever give you anything less than an extreme bargain? White chocolate and pumpkin go together like you and Target. In other words, complete and utter perfection. 

If you want a fun activity for the kids, there's a cocoa bomb for that.

Dracula cocoa bomb kit
Target | Target

There is a Dracula DIY cocoa bomb kit. With this, you craft your own cocoa balls and then get to decorate them to look like Dracula characters.

Now that you know about these spooky treats, run — don't walk — over to Target!

Woman rolling on cart
Giphy | Target

While you're there, be sure to stock up on some Halloween candy (for you, not the kids, duh). And treat yourself to another pumpkin decoration — you deserve it!