Airline Gets Dragged Over Promotion Giving Passengers Ukuleles On Flight To Hawaii

Ashley Hunte
A group of Southwest Airlines passengers who were gifted with ukuleles.
twitter | Southwest Airlines

Anytime you fly on an airplane, you're subject to a lot of noise. Babies, people having loud conversations, random kids running up and down the aisles. All that noise just adds on the stress of flying.

But if you were on a Southwest Airlines flight to Hawaii this week, you may have been subjected to a new form of noise: ukuleles.

On September 20th, Southwest Airlines posted a now-infamous threat of Tweets.

The Tweet read, "Guitar Center: You can learn how to play the ukulele in 20 minutes. Us: prove it." It was accompanied by an image of a row of seats, each lined with a ukulele and cover.

And then, the real fun started.

The next Tweet showed the passengers, each holding a ukulele while in their seats. The text in the Tweet reads, "We teamed up with @guitartcenter to surprise a flight full of Customers flying out of Long Beach with a ukulele and a lesson. By the time they arrived in Honolulu they were pros."

For pretty much anyone who's ever flown on a plane, this sounds like a terrible idea.

I personally cannot imagine having to sit through any period of time while an airplane full of people learn how to strum some notes on a ukulele.

In fact, people were quick to point out how bad of an idea this was.

This ended up being a moment where the internet came together. Unfortunately for Southwest, it was more at their expense than anything else.

As always, some people took the time to make jokes.

"Imagine you get charged for going over your baggage weight allowance and then when you get on the plane you’re greeted by 300 ukuleles."

I'd definitely rather the luggage, thank you very much.

Others pointed out that this is really inconsiderate for people with sensory issues.

"As someone with sensory processing issues related to noise, I would literally have been bent double in my seat, arms over my head, sobbing, and having a panic attack."

One user claimed to have been on the flight, and complained.

Whether this person was actually on that flight is unclear, but at least their Tweet was pretty funny (even if it came out of a pretty sucky situation).

Though, not everyone thought it was a bad idea.

"Never heard such a bunch of fun-free whiners in my life," a user wrote in defense of the airline. "This is a great idea and if you can't take 20 minutes of ukulele practice without it threatening your piece of mind, maybe you should try swimming to Hawaii next time if you need that much quiet."

Other airlines joined in, too.

Amtrak was quick to remind other flyers that they have a quiet section on their flights. This is definitely worth remembering next time you find yourself flying somewhere like Hawaii.

To be fair, though, Southwest didn't let these passengers have their ukulele's out for the whole flight.

"Don't worry, y'all, everyone put their ukuleles away after 20 minutes since they had already mastered how to play," their follow-up Tweet said.

Somehow, I don't believe them.