TikToker Says Guy Fat-Shamed Her, So She Slid Into His Dad's DMs

Ashley Hunte
Milareallysings is about to show the screenshots of an exchange she had with a guy's father.
TikTok | @milareallysings

It's definitely never okay to body shame somebody else. Unfortunately, though, a lot of women have to deal with that kind of negative attention pretty often.

It happened to one TikToker, who decided to take matters into her own hands and get revenge on the guy who fat-shamed her. How did she do it? By having a secret conversation with his dad.

Earlier this month, a user posted a video where she exposed her chats with the man.

Mila deciding to show the screenshots of the text exchange she had with a guy's dad.
TikTok | @milareallysings

TikTok user Mila (@milareallysings) posted the video, titling it "10000 city girl points for this." In it, she explains how a guy fat-shamed her, so she slid into his father's DMs.

Before doing so, though, she makes a joke about being the guy's stepmom.

Mila jokes that she's going to become this guy's step mom.
TikTok | @milareallysings

"It looks like I'm gonna be his new step mommy," text overlay on the screen reads. That's a pretty good indication of how the conversations went.

So she shows off three screenshots.

Mila messaging the guy's dad.
TikTok | @milareallysings

The first screenshot shows Mila sending the dad a picture of herself, calling herself his "future girlfriend" when he asks who's messaging him out of the blue. Things are about to take a bit of a turn.

In the second screenshot, the dad mentions that he's actually married.

Mila continuing to text the dad even though he's married.
TikTok | @milareallysings

"Not sure how my wife would feel about that sort of thing..." he says. But Mila is persistent and sends him more pictures of himself, saying that his wife and son don't need to know.

In the third screenshot, the two make plans to see each other.

Mila making plans with the dad to meet up.
TikTok | @milareallysings

Despite mentioning that he's married, the dad continues to text Mila, and they even make plans to see each other, as they're actually pretty close in proximity to one another.

The video gained a lot of attention since it was posted.

With 146 thousand views and 22.2 thousand likes, plenty of people took to the comments to share their own thoughts on what had been happening over the course of the TikTok.

There were plenty of people who applauded Mila for this act of revenge.

Simon Cowell standing up to applaud and give thumbs up to an AGT contestant.
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One user commented, "This is the energy I wanna claim."

"Idgaf what anyone thinks. You’re my hero 😂💅🏻 slay bbg," another wrote.

Another simply commented with, "I love this."

But others took issue with the fact that the father was married.

A man shaking his head and saying "This ain't it."
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After all, Mila continued to flirt and make plans with the father after he told her he was married.

"What did the wife do?" one commenter wrote.

Another said, "I would love this if he wasn't married."

Mila later commented on the TikTok, saying she wasn't actually planning on doing anything with the dad.

Homer Simpson saying, "Of course not" to Marge.

"Let me just clarify something, I would never homewreck a marriage. I never intended to actually meet him. I was proving a point to his son," her comment reads.

She later posted a TikTok in response to the backlash.

In the TikTok, Mila lip-syncs to an audio clip that says, "Hear me out, I'm not a bad guy. Okay, perhaps I'm kind of a bad guy."