19 Real-Life Rapunzels Who Have Clearly Been Taking Care Of Their Luscious Locks

Kasia Mikolajczak
back of woman showing off long hair
Unsplash | Element5 Digital

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to have long and luscious locks. But my mom had other plans, and she kept cutting mine off. You see, she believed that myth that when you cut your hair, it will grow stronger. Well, that didn't work.

Needless to say, for most of my childhood years, I ended up with short hair. So I always admired people with long hair, and today I'm going to share with you those lucky folks who look just like a modern-day Rapunzel.

This Amazing Hairdo

woman with long and beautiful dark hair
reddit | Reddit | u/Why_is_the_sky_blue

"My hair after four months of weekly rosemary and peppermint oil treatments."

What? Who knew that rosemary and peppermint oil treatments could do that? Wow! Okay, now I need to look up how to do that. This woman's hair looks so silky and shiny. I'm thoroughly impressed by it.

This Modern-Day Mermaid

woman showing off her very long wavy hair from the back
reddit | Reddit | u/FayeTealeaf

I don't know about you, but I think this lady's hair looks just like a modern-day mermaid. Oh, my goodness. That green dress makes me feel like she's got a mermaid tail, hehe. Do you see that too? It's it wild. Isn't it?

This Impressive Braid

back of woman showing off a very long braid
reddit | Reddit | u/ekkopanda

Question: who here likes to braid their hair? I've been doing it since my locks grew to an acceptable length. It's such a life-saver in summer, eh? I can't imagine having this mop of hair resting on my back on a hot summer day.

This Unusual Look

woman showing off a 7 strand braid
reddit | Reddit | u/theninjaforhire

"Went to the renaissance festival recently and got a 7 strand (sp) braid done."

Speaking of braids, I don't think I've ever seen a 7-strand braid. What in the heck is that? How do they even do that? It's so pretty, no?

This Cool Afro

woman doing a selfie in the bathroom showing off her impressive afro
reddit | Reddit | u/2noserings

"I don’t see a lot of afros on this sub — figured I would contribute!"

Let me say, on behalf of all of us, thank you for sharing your afro. It's definitely pretty impressive if I say so myself.

This Impressive Length

man as a 23 year old and 50 year old showing off his long hair
reddit | Reddit | u/Redditwrong420

"I started growing my hair at 15. Here I am at 23 and 50."

Can you believe that? I guess this guy never cut his hair, huh? I'm really impressed that his hair pretty much looks like it did when he was 23. It's so healthy and shiny.

This Man Bun

guy with long hair doing a half man bun
reddit | Reddit | u/7iar

"Been vibin (sp) with the half bun lately."

Here's the thing I don't typically like guys with men buns, hehe. But when I look at this gorgeous male specimen, I can't help but like this half man bun. What do you think of it?

This Wild Hairdo

man with wild long dreds
reddit | Reddit | u/BAYto310

"Sometimes I don’t know if I want to put it up or let it down. As you can see it’s everywhere. Lol."

Ah, decisions, decisions. Am I right? Well, whatever this man decides, his hair will look amazing. I'm quite convinced of that.

This Hair Growth

man with very long dark hair, beard and moustache
reddit | Reddit | u/passionpeaches

"Shaved my head 2.5 years ago, now it wont (sp) stop growing!"

Well, take it from this guy. If you want your hair to grow fast, perhaps you should shave it all off. It only took him 2.5 years to get his hair to where it is today.

This Modern-Day Rapunzel

woman with long blond hair just like Rapunzel
reddit | Reddit | u/That-Bike

"My face wasn't cooperating but my hair sure was."

Speaking of modern-day Rapunzels, I think this lady's beautiful hair definitely suffices. Not only is it super long and luscious, but it's also so shiny and gorgeous. It's the kind of hair I've always dreamed of.

This Fiery Look

woman with long red hair that looks like fire in the sun
reddit | Reddit | u/FrumpItUp

"My hair looks a bit like fire in the sun."

Oh, my! She's got that right. Isn't that hair color absolutely stunning or what? I also love her lovely curls. Pretty much the whole look is a total standout, no? I'm in love with it.

This Pretty Side Braid

woman with a side braid standing outdoors
reddit | Reddit | u/longhairntatted

As much as I like to braid my hair — I kind of suck at it, lol. The only braid I've perfected is the regular one. I need to learn how to make a pretty side braid like this one. Who can teach me, huh? I need all the help I can get, haha.

These Impressive Waves

woman with pretty long wavy hair
reddit | Reddit | u/TrinkieTrinkie522cat

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you don't cut your hair for 14 months. Oh, my goodness. I definitely like this woman's natural do, and her hair color is her own too. What do you think of that, huh?

This Pink Hairdo

woman with pink long hair with bow made out of hair
reddit | Reddit | u/the_pink_witch

"Really starting to love my hair in recent years 🎀."

Holy, moly! It's definitely one unusual hair color. Apparently, it would take about 5 hrs to achieve something like that. And check out that bow. It's made out of this lady's hair too. I love it. Do you?

These Fun Braids

woman with hair braided like wind catcher
reddit | Reddit | u/mental_mooncake

"Fun and easy hairstyle for long hair, made from 12 braids."

Is it just me, or does this hairstyle remind you of a dream catcher? Do you want to try it? Here's how to do it. You part your hair in 2 sections, then split them in 3 = 6, then split in half = 12. Temporarily secure the 12 sections with a hair tie or pin or anything. Then just braid. And voilà.

This Impressive Growth

94 year old woman with very long gray hair
reddit | Reddit | u/sunnysideup689

Here's the perfect example you're never too old to grow your hair. This woman is actually 94 years old, and she's not afraid to show her glorious grey locks. What do you think about that, huh? I absolutely adore it.

This Hair Transformation

four pictures of a guy growing his hair out
reddit | Reddit | u/matthewcdotrice

"4-year hair growth with no hair cuts, not even trims. From yesterday, back to senior year of HS (2018)."

Wow, just wow! I have to say this gentleman here has better hair than I've ever had, and I'm pretty jealous about that. And that ginger color is pretty stunning, no?

This Rainbow Hair

rainbow hair from a prism
reddit | Reddit | u/sofutofu

If you've always wanted to see what your hair would look like through a prism, check this out. How pretty is this rainbow hue here, huh? I really love that. Not only is this woman's hair super long, but this is such a fun, creative shot.

What do you think of that?

man touching his long curly hair
Giphy | Slingshot Dakota

Here I thought the article would showcase mostly women with long hair, but I'm surprised to see so many guys with long and luscious locks, hehe. Suffice it to say I'm equally impressed. And now I'm thinking I should keep my long hair for a little bit longer before I decide to go for a new hairdo.