Woman Who Became Pen Pals With Queen Elizabeth II Exchanged Letters For 70 Years

Kasia Mikolajczak
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Let me ask you something, have you ever had any pen pals? I remember writing letters by hand with a few friends over the years. It was a lot of fun, and it definitely helped me further my writing skills.

But what if your pen pal was Queen Elizabeth II? That's exactly what happened to one woman from North Dakota. And get this — she wrote to the Queen for 70 years!

Adele Hankey of North Dakota shares the same birthday as Queen Elizabeth II.

Hankey sent her first letter to the Queen when she got crowned in 1953. And the Queen actually responded back. She sent back a birthday card which Hankey treasures until this day.

Can you believe that?

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That must've been so cool. Hankey stated that "I could have jumped out of my shoes" when she received a birthday card from the Queen, according to KFYR. So from then on, Hankey wrote to the Queen every year on their shared birthday.

This tradition continued for 70 years.

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And every year, without fail, Hankey would receive a birthday card from the Queen. The two even shared their love for marmalade. Hankey is a cookbook author, so food was one of the topics she and the Queen discussed in their letters.

Writing to the Queen is a big deal.

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So Hankey made sure she perfected her penmanship. A teacher once told Hankey to make the l's long and the e's little. She did that, and obviously, it worked out for her. I guess the Queen must've been impressed, eh?

Hankey once asked the Queen to send her a hat.

But instead, the Queen sent a lovely picture. Hankey didn't say whether the Queen was wearing one, but I can guess probably yes. I don't think I have ever seen one without the Queen wearing a hat, haha.

The two also shared their love of Canada.

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As you know, Canada is still tied to the British royal family, and the Queen has visited the country many times. Hankey owns a cabin up in Sioux Narrows, Ontario. So it seems likely she and the Queen discussed the beauty of Canada on a few occasions.

So how does Hankey feel about the Queen's passing?

She had said that she was going to definitely miss writing to her pen pal. That must be an experience she will never forget, huh? Not every day could you say that you have corresponded with the Queen of England. Am I right?

That's quite the story, no?

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It must've been so amazing to be pen pals with the Queen. I bet this woman was really looking forward to receiving the next birthday card from her. But all good things do come to an end someday, and at least she has the letters to keep her company now that the Queen has passed away.

h/t: KFYR