Police Responding To Noise Complaint Join In Girl's Quinceanera

Ashley Hunte
Officers from the Greensboro Police Department celebrating a girl's Quinceanera.
Facebook | Greensboro Police Department

If a party receives a noise complaint, it probably means the guests are having a good time. But it also means the good time could be shut down whenever the cops show up.

Though, that's not always the case, as seen with these North Carolina cops, who decided to join in on the fun.

Officers from the Greensboro PD responded to a noise complaint.

A police siren in the dark.
Unsplash | Scott Rodgerson

Last weekend, police officers from Greensboro, North Carolina, received a noise complaint and went to check it out. But when they got there, they found something pretty unexpected.

The noise was coming from a birthday party.

Different coloured balloons floating toward a ceiling.
Unsplash | Adi Goldstein

To be more specific, it was a girl's Quinceanera, which was definitely a very special day (and not something you'd want to be ruined by cops showing up to tell everyone to go home).

But the officers were kind and respectful toward the girl and her family.

 Officers Matthews, King, and Johnson sitting down for some good food at a Quinceanera.
Facebook | Greensboro Police Department

The girl's family invited the officers to stay for some food, and they did! The officers were photographed sitting down to enjoy the meal the family had given to them.

They also stayed for a while to join in on the festivities.

The three offices posing with the birthday girl!
Facebook | Greensboro Police Department

The officers handed out stickers to the young kids at the party, and even got to snap a shot with the girl who was celebrating her birthday.

Rather than shut the party down, they ended up helping it continue.

Confetti and streamers on the ground, from a party.
Unsplash | Matheus Frade

Though the officers arrived on the scene to check out a noise complaint, they ended up being a part of the fun, just like everyone else.

The department later posted about the festivities.

The Facebook app icon, with 3 unread notifications.
Unsplash | Brett Jordan

On September 13th, the Greensboro Police Department posted about the impromptu celebration to their Facebook page, which was loved and shared by thousand of adoring user across the platform.

The post gave the details of what ended up happening.

Lit candles atop a birthday cake.
Unsplash | Hamid Roshaan

"Over the weekend, Officers Matthews, King and Johnson, received a call about a noise complaint and went to check it out," the caption on the post, which accompanied two images of the officers, said.

"Upon arrival they discovered that a young lady was celebrating her Quinceanera and the family invited the officers to have some food."

A spread of various kinds of food for an event.
Unsplash | Tim Meyer

"The officers handed out GPD stickers to the little ones and took a picture with the birthday girl! We hope this young lady had a very Happy Birthday!"

Facebook users were absolutely amazed by how wholesome the post was.

A card that reads, "Kindness. Pass it on."
Unsplash | Mei-Ling Mirow

One user commented, "Perspective is everything. Thanks for acknowledging her special day. Hopefully we all can remember 'kindness' in our daily interactions while being mindful of others. Thanks for helping build community."

It just goes to show that not everything is as it seems at first.

A kid at a computer, giving a thumbs up.

The police officers were there to potentially break up a noisy, rowdy event, but found a birthday party instead. All in all, they handled it very nicely.