People Are Sharing The Things America Does Better Than Most Other Nations

Ashley Hunte
The stars and stripes representing the states and colonies on the US flag.
Unsplash | Samuel Branch

The United States is a large, vast country that's known for a lot of things. Not all of those things are good, of course. But that doesn't mean they're all bad, either.

Redditors from around the world shared the things America does better than anywhere else in the world. Unsurprisingly, the list is pretty long.

"Turning corn into things that are not corn." - rlemon

Who would've guessed that making bread out of corn would turn out so well?
Unsplash | Von Wycliffe Zebadiah Leones

Sure, a lot of corn products aren't very healthy (like high fructose corn syrup). But let's face it, cornbread is one of the tastiest things to come out of the States.

"I love the Interstate Rest Areas on road trips." - Ubba-Ga

American road trips aren't complete without some good rest stops.
Unsplash | Steve Harvey

"I'm a Canadian from the west coast, and was always VERY impressed with the 24/7 rest areas. Clean washrooms, nice grassy areas for dogs, picnic tables, and a lot of times people selling crafts, or offering free coffee!"

"Aircraft carriers." - TheBladeRoden

Military aircraft flying in formation.
Unsplash | UX Gun

Another user added, "The world's largest military air fleet is the US Air Force. The world's second-largest military air fleet is the US Navy."

In fact, the US has more military aircraft than Russia, India, China, Japan, and Israel combined.

"Geodiversity. We have nearly every biome on Earth available in the lower 48 alone. Adding Alaska and Hawaii just completes the set." - Ursa_Mid

The United States of America has a lot of diverse ecosystems, including deserts.
Unsplash | Christoph von Gellhorn

Deserts, tundra, plains, swamplands. The US really does have a lot of different climates within its states and territories.

"Make sure there's ice in your beverage." - HegemonHarbinger

An American iced coffee, something Europe hasn't mastered.
Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

There are a lot of places in Europe, for instance, that don't even understand the concept of iced coffee. Or ice in general. What's up with that?

"There are people who mistakenly think the Smithsonian is a museum." - MikeTheBard

The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.
Unsplash | J. Amill Santiago

"The Smithsonian is in fact a collection of over 20 museums, galleries, and zoo across three states, plus dozens of research and education centers, collections, affiliates around the globe."

"It is the single largest organization for science, culture, and history in the world, and its contributions to preserving history and to literally every scientific discipline are beyond measure."

Though the DC museum is well-known, the Smithsonian institute is much more than this single building.
Unsplash | Sara Cottle

"And to me, the greatest part is the heart of the organization in Washington DC: THIS is what we've chosen to surround the National Mall, the platonic ideal of our commons and center of our democracy- Dozens of living monuments to art, science, history, and culture."

"The United States is the birthplace of Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Punk, Bluegrass, Country-Western, Rap..." - MikeTheBard

Many modern music genres originated from the US, and its influence can be felt around the world.
Unsplash | Hanny Naibaho

"...and a half a dozen different forms of regional folk music. Nearly every culture in the world imitates our musical forms."

"Say what you want about America, their entertainment industry is amazing." - sharpie-sapien365247

The Hollywood sign; a representation of America's film industry.
Unsplash | Vincentas Liskauskas

"They excel in all categories of entertainment; Electronic gaming, Sports (except soccer), Adult, Music, etc.."

Not to mention the fact that Hollywood, Broadway, and other huge entertainment hubs exist.

"While we have a LONG way to go, the USA is comparatively better than a lot of places regarding supporting people with disabilities." - kittenesque02

The wheelchair/disability access sign.
Unsplash | Waldemar Brandt

Accessible bathroom stalls, stairs with rails, and elevators in most buildings. No country is perfect on that front, but the US does better than a lot of countries out there.

"American football teams from the US are the best in the world."- suckmy****91

American football very different from football (AKA soccer).
Unsplash | Dave Adamson

It might be because the rest of the world is playing that other football (AKA soccer), but no one can beat the US at its own sport!

"Holidays. My favorite time to be an American is October, I love how hype we get about Halloween here." - PerfumePoodle

Halloween is truly one of the best times of the year.
Unsplash | Taylor Foss

Halloween is definitely a very American thing, so of course, no one does it quite like them.

"Air conditioner everywhere and free public restrooms. You have to pay to use the restrooms in Europe." - SnooDoughnuts231

Public washrooms in the US are typically free, unlike other parts of the world.
Unsplash | Vadim Artyukhin

It's not a thing in every place in Europe, but you're definitely going to find a lot of the bathrooms in bigger cities require payment.

"Convenience. In other countries I’ve lived in, many shops and businesses close relatively early and you can’t easily get food or groceries delivered to your door." - Eldergod74

A small convenience store, likely open 24-hours.
Unsplash | Morgan Vander Hart

Say what you want, but the US can't be beaten when it comes to convenience.

"American BBQ is amazing, especially those roadside cafeteria-style spots in Texas." - MeasurementPure7844

You've got to love good old American style barbecue.
Unsplash | Samuel Bryngelsson

"That being said, Argentina and Brazil also do some nice BBQ spreads."

Actually, a lot of different countries have their own (really good!) kinds of barbecue. But American style just hits different.

"Dinosaur fossils. The Rockies are insane."

We'll probably never know what dinosaurs really looked like, but we have a lot of their fossilized remains.
Unsplash | Jon Butterworth

There's also that one state park in Texas that has actual preserved dinosaur tracks that you can visit. Personally, I think that's so cool!

When it comes to dino bones, the only country that could compete with the US is Canada.

"Dog parks." - Unique_Luck_817

Doggos love hanging out at the dog park!
Unsplash | Ben Pitasky

"Land in the UK is constantly being turned into Lego housing estates and I’m quickly running out of local places to take my dog without having to drive 20 miles or pay £12 to hire a secure field for an hour."

"The US has really, really good national parks and national forests. A world leader in establishing these and preservation." - zeus_of_the_viper

American National Parks are in a league of their own.
Unsplash | Mick Haupt

The US has huge urban areas, and then these majestic national parks. It's amazing how they can do both.

"While the cost is out of control America still has a ton of the best colleges in the world." - Soupkitchn89

American universities are overpriced, but excellent in terms of education.
Unsplash | Vadim Sherbakov

"There is a reason foreigners come here to go to a school at a rate that far exceeds Americans going to school abroad."

"Variety and amount of food at supermarkets. As an Aussie, the selection and stock over there amazes me." - cd3oh3

You can get virtually anything at an American grocery store.
Unsplash | Tara Clark

American supermarkets have so many things, it's kind of crazy. But at least there's literally something for everyone in them.