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16+ Dating Memes For People Who Have High Key Given Up On True Love

With the rise in popularity of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, the dating scene has become a veritable goldmine of meme-worthy material instead of the intended "wholesome relationships". And, in this world of fleeting, swiping romances, the idea of true love can seem like a laughable concept.

So, if you're sick of angrily scrolling through pictures of your friend's loving relationships while you chug red wine alone, then this is the place for you! Here are 16+ dating memes for people who have high key given up on true love!

Pretzel Love

Pretzels can't break your heart, lie to you, or leave you feeling unfulfilled — unless they're those ridiculous low-fat pretzels, I mean, what's the point?

Snake In Unicorn's Clothing

Seeing them slither back into your DMs never leads to anything good, stay strong and keep 'em blocked!

Truth Hurts

Hopefully, 2020 will prove to be a more successful year for romance!

"How Was Your Date?"


How long until you can block someone in real life? Have they done a Black Mirror about that yet? I had to stop watching it because it was far too bleak, and I suffer enough bleakness in reality.


Even as time passes, the desperation and irrationality of the human condition never really changes too much.

Netflix Without Chill

I always find Netflix's "Are you still watching?" messages to be really passive-aggressive. I don't expect justice from a company that is built around binge-watching!

Dating Apps

Now you can experience the crushing weight of rejection from the comfort of your own bed, a place where supposedly no evil can get to you!

You Awake Feeling Well Rested!

Ha! Imagine being able to actually sleep an appropriate amount of time each night! What are you going to do, go to bed at a reasonable hour and not spend hours scrolling mindlessly through social media? Give me a break!

Red Flags


Those are more like burnt sienna flags than red flags I think...?

Relationship Hacks

Is there like a maximum amount of times you're allowed to play that card per day? I don't want to think about how often I'd be throwing that about.

Now Streaming: Other People

It's actually on Vudu, but who in their right minds uses Vudu?

The Real Reason You're Single

Reddit | TwentySeventh

If only I'd have forwarded that useless piece of information to 8 friends for good luck like I was told to!

Realistic Goals

I mean, that's just completely unreasonable! Where's the fun in it if you aren't repeatedly reminded to do something eighty times before actually doing it?

Come On In!

Now if you light that cactus doorknob on fire as well, then we're getting into familiar territory.

Get Behind Me Satan

You've got to love a good art history meme. Sometimes only a renaissance painting can truly capture the beautiful absurdity of contemporary romance.

Why Must I Be A Loner In Love?

It's absolutely foolproof, if you ignore each other, then you can't wind each other up!

*Romantic Skeleton Sounds*

Oh Darren, you want a drama-free relationship do you? Well that's an original desire that no one else has expressed before.


In theory I would love to know why people who have ghosted me in the past decided to do so. However, in reality I know that my fragile ego couldn't handle it.

Matt's The Word

If you've been affected by a Matt (or someone similar), please let us know in the comments and we'll try to find an advisor to help you out at this difficult time!