Jason Momoa Got A Huge Head Tattoo After Shaving His Hair Off

Ryan Ford
Jason Momoa wearing sunglasses on a bright sunny day
instagram | @unep

Actors generally have to be a bit superficial. Finding a signature look can really help them connect with an audience and get roles. I mean, it's hard to imagine Zooey Deschanel without bangs, or Ariana Grande without a ponytail, right?

So big changes can be pretty shocking! Remember when Tom Selleck shaved off his Magnum P.I. 'stache? And when Emma Stone went from redhead to blonde?

That's what it was like when Jason Momoa shaved off his wild, long, flowing hair — and now he's gone and made another huge change!

We all got attached to Jason Momoa's hair, didn't we?

Whether it's Aquaman, or Khal Drogo, or See's Baba Voss, one thing you could count on seeing from Jason Momoa were locks worthy of a Maybelline ad, that would always flow just right while kicking bad guys' butts.

And so, when he shaved off the hair on the sides of his head, he sure got fans' attention.

Which was, of course, the point. He didn't do it on a whim. Momoa had a cause in mind when taking clippers to his glorious locks — he did it to draw awareness to single-use plastics. In his Instagram post, he asked fans to "be better at protecting our land and oceans," and said "we need to cut single use plastics out of our lives and out of our seas."

It was a fitting message from Momoa.

The Hawaii native is passionate about the oceans, and was recently named the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Advocate for Life Below Water, a role he was born to play.

"For me, the ocean is an ancient teacher, a guide and a muse. It is also existential. Without a healthy ocean, life on our planet as we know it would not exist," he said upon accepting the position.

But fans were in for yet another shock when Momoa revealed a further dramatic change to his look.

Jason Momoa with his head turned to show a scalp tattoo of three lines of triangles
instagram | @prideofgypsies

In an Instagram video, Momoa showed off what he'd done with his newly trimmed down head — he's gotten a large tattoo on one side.

Jason Momoa is no stranger to ink.

Before adding the head tattoo, Momoa had eight tats in all — his kids' signatures right above his heart (aww); a line tattoo on his left hand; the logo of his production company, On the Roam, on his right arm; the name of a friend who passed away on his finger; a "Pride of Gypsies" tattoo inside his right arm; a tattoo reading "être toujours ivre," which translates to "to always be drunk" — his stepdaughter Zoë Kravitz has a matching tat — a skull tattoo on his right hand; and on his left arm, a band of triangles known as an aumakua, a pattern that represents his family's connection to sharks.

The aumakua tattoo ended up being worked in the Aquaman character's design.

Jason Momoa posing as Aquaman
IMDb | Warner Bros.

The aumakua, which Momoa told a fan is "supposed to take the darkness out of your heart and bring the light in, but we’re still working on that," became the basis of Aquaman's full-body tattoos.

Momoa's new head tattoo appears to use the same design as well.

Jason Momoa tattoos side-by-side
instagram | @prideofgypsies

It doesn't appear to be exactly the same, but the similarities are hard to deny, at least given the brief glance we were given on Instagram.

Unfortunately, that's about all we got.

Jason Momoa is a busy guy! The video he posted showing off the new ink was taken just as he was jetting off to New Zealand to start production of his new series, Chief of War. Indeed, he shouted "Chief of War comin', baby!" right at the start of the vid.

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