Woman Has A Baby After Artificially Inseminating Herself At Home

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Getting pregnant can be very challenging. Some people think that it's easy and just takes one night in order to get pregnant, but, for many women, it can be harder than that.

Not all women are romantically involved with a partner who want to have a baby with them. In this case, many women try to find other ways to get pregnant and bring children into the world.

There are many options for single women who want to become mothers.

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Sperm donation is a way that many women, including lesbian couples, bring babies into the world. Instead of conceiving via sex, they find a donor who can bring that extra component into the picture.

Sperm banks can be very expensive, though.

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Many sperm banks charge a lot of money in order to purchase sperm. On average, each sperm sample can be anywhere from $500-$900. As well, many women are particular about what they want.

Not everyone can afford to spend that kind of money.

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Spending hundreds of dollars for a sperm donation can be expensive, mainly because it's not always guaranteed to work. It takes pure luck for a woman to get pregnant, as the chances are not always perfect.

One TikTok user shared that she found a loophole in trying to get pregnant on her own.

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24-year-old Bailey Ennis from South London wanted to be a mom on her own and decided to go about it in her own way. She purchased an artificial insemination kit in order to make her dreams of being a mom come true.

Unlike going to the sperm bank, buying the kit is less expensive.

Bailey went onto a sperm donor website and found someone who was a perfect match for donation. She said she wasn't looking for anything crazy, but wanted someone who was healthy.

The kit only cost her $30.

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Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, she purchased the kit for $30 and could also find the donor on her own. She did her own research and was able to forgo the process people would do at a bank.

As a lesbian, she wanted someone who had previously worked with LGBTQ couples.

“I found someone who had a healthy medical record and had been a donor for two others before for two LGBTQ couples. I found my donor and we WhatsApped and met up for a coffee before both agreeing he would be my donor," she said.

She purchased the kit and tracked her cycle.

In order to make sure that she was able to get pregnant she tracked her cycle to line up with ovulation. Her donor even came to her home to help her use the kit and show her how it should be done.

Bailey said the kit is pretty easy to use, too.

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There are no needles or anything like that, and instead, it comes with sterile cups, syringes, and ovulation tests to make sure that it's the right time for women to try.

Bailey got pregnant on the first try.

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On October 31, 2021, Bailey found out she was pregnant. She welcomed her son Lorenzo in July of 2022. She claimed her pregnancy was easy and perfect and that being a mom is amazing.

Bailey said she's not ashamed of how she became a mom and plans to tell her son one day.

“Lorenzo will know about the donor and will be able to meet him at any point of his life. He is definitely going to have siblings when I’m ready. I’m so comfortable and happy being a single mum," she said.