High Schooler Calls Administrators 'Disgusting' Over Dress Code

Ashley Hunte
TikToker Anastasia, who called out a sexist dress code during a school assembly.
TikTok | @anastasiaskits

Complaints about how girls are disproportionately targeted by school dress codes have been ongoing for years. In fact, if you happened to be a girl in high school at one point in your life, you probably understand how annoying and insulting dress codes can be.

A TikTok user by the name of Anastasia (@anastasiaskits) went viral in a video where she called out her school's administration for its unfair targeting of girls who "violate" the dress code.

"Why is this school so persistent in telling girls to cover up when really guys should just keep it in their pants?"

Anastasia calling out her school's dress code, which is unfairly enforced.
TikTok | @anastasiaskits

In the video, which she titled, "Our bodies aren’t distracting, you’re just disgusting," Anastasia not only calls out how her school enforces rules on girls that they don't on guys, but also how they target certain girls over others.

She points out what they consider "distracting," which really shouldn't be.

The user has noticed that certain girls are disproportionately targeted over others.
TikTok | @anastasiaskits

"This school is so headstrong on telling girls to cover their shoulders or stomach when those things are all pretty natural," Anastasia continues, before then talking about how girls are targeted based on cup size.

"I've talked to many girls in this school," she says.

Anastasia had talked to her female classmates, who noticed unfair patterns among who gets targeted.
TikTok | @anastasiaskits

"If two girls come to school wearing the same top, one girl has a smaller cup size, the other girl has a bigger cup size. I've heard more girls with a bigger cup size get dress coded than the smaller ones."

She ends her speech by condemning the school's administration.

"It's completely sexist and biased, and not okay," she says. Shortly after, the other girls around her begin to applaud Anastasia, and one gives her a pat of encouragement.

This TikTok went viral, with many users siding with Anastasia.

Monica from friends saying, "You go girl!"
Giphy | Friends

Since being uploaded just last week, the video has over 5.2 million views. Thousands of people flooded to the comment section to share their own thoughts on school dress codes.

Some users pointed out how dress codes make them feel objectified.

A girl wearing a tank top with spaghetti straps, which many schools deem too "distracting."
Unsplash | Joshua Rawson-Harris

"It’s also so uncomfortable having teachers/supervisors observing our bodies in that way. Judging if our outfits are 'too revealing,'" a commenter wrote.

It's definitely not fun having a teacher judge whether or not your outfit is okay to wear.

Some even pointed out that a lot of guys... don't care.

Two young women hanging out on a couch.
Unsplash | Matheus Ferrero

It probably can't be said for every high school boy, but most aren't as distracted by shoulders as teachers make them out to be.

"Yes! And the worst part is most guys don’t actually care, it’s the male teachers. I have known guys who defend girls against male teachers," a comment reads.

Anastasia later posted a second part to the TikTok.

An empty classroom with lines of desks.
Unsplash | MChe Lee

In this part (which has since been taken down), a teacher responds to Anastasia's complaints, stating that the teachers there are just trying to enforce the code that's written in their student handbook.

"The majority of the people do get it, but there’s some people that want to challenge it. So that’s it."

A small child saying, "Wait. Hold up. Hold up."
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"And a lot of staff members, they feel uncomfortable," he continues.

When another student asks why the staff feel uncomfortable, the teacher quickly decides to "refocus," or change the subject.

A lot of commenters took issue with what the teacher had said.

A woman saying, "Yeah, no. That's weird."
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"As a teacher – if student clothing makes staff uncomfortable that staff doesn’t need to be around minors," one commenter wrote.

Yeah, that was definitely a pretty alarming thing for staff to say.

The whole debate is incredibly frustrating.

Like the GIF, the dress code debate makes you want to facepalm.
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Another commenter said, "If it’s not distracting is it really a distraction? Like the only time it’s distracting is when a teacher makes it known. Schools gotta change..."

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